Visualization exploration and model comparison of nasa air quality remote sensing data via giovanni
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Ana I. Prados, Gregory Leptoukh , Arun Gopalan , and Mian Chin 2008 CMAS Annual Conference PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Visualization, Exploration, and Model Comparison of NASA Air Quality Remote Sensing data via Giovanni. Ana I. Prados, Gregory Leptoukh , Arun Gopalan , and Mian Chin 2008 CMAS Annual Conference. About Giovanni.

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Ana I. Prados, Gregory Leptoukh , Arun Gopalan , and Mian Chin 2008 CMAS Annual Conference

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Visualization, Exploration, and Model Comparison of NASA Air Quality Remote Sensing data via Giovanni

Ana I. Prados, Gregory Leptoukh, ArunGopalan, and Mian Chin

2008 CMAS Annual Conference

About Giovanni

  • Giovanni is a Web-based application developed by the NASA Goddard Earth Sciences Data and Information Services Center (GES DISC).

  • Giovanni provides a simple and easy way to explore, visualize, analyze, and access vast amounts of Earth science remote sensing and model data.


Giovanni at your Finger Tips

  • Only a Web browser is

  • needed.

  • No need to learn data formats and programming.

  • No need to download large amounts of data.

  • Customized data and analyses can be obtained with only a few mouse clicks.

Giovanni Air Quality

Satellite data


Surface monitor data

Model data

Visualization: maps, curtain plots

Data Analysis: time series, scatter plots, correlation plots



Scientists, air quality forecasters & other professionals

Policy Makers



10-6 ppmv

Aerosol from GOCART model













Giovanni Tools

Data Inputs

Particulate Matter (PM 2.5) from AIRNow

Aerosol from MODIS and GOCART model

Carbon Monoxide from AIRS

Giovanni Instances


and more…

Ozone Hole from OMI

Water Vapor from AIRS

MODIS vs SeaWiFS Chlorophyll

OMI Tropospheric NO2 Column

  • Sensitive in the Boundary layer

  • Qualitative agreement with high NOx regions (i.e urban areas)

MODIS Aerosol Optical Depth

  • At least two daily observations - Terra and Aqua

  • Sensitive to Boundary Layer Industrial, smoke & dust aerosols

  • Well validated over land

  • Fine mode fraction

OMI UV Aerosol Index

  • Mostly sensitive to absorbing aerosols above the planetary boundary layer (i.e transported smoke plumes)

Giovanni AIRNow PM2.5 Gridded Data

Giovanni PM2.5 Map (ug/m3)

  • Giovanni PM2.5 map Data from EPA AIRNow. Acquired from DataFed via WCS.

AIRNow PM2.5 Air Quality Index Map

Vertical Distribution of Aerosols & 3D-Vis

Most Giovanni data sets available in KML (Google Earth, and other tools)

July 31st, 2007

AIRNow PM2.5 map in background

Vertical: Calipso Curtain Plot

Yellow: aerosol flag

Blue: cloud flag

NASA Gocart Model Particle Speciation

  • Global chemical transport model with gas phase and aerosol chemistry

  • Daily and Monthly data at 2x2.5 degree resolution

  • Giovanni allows colocation with satellite and EPA AIRNow data

  • Source attribution for pollution events

California and Southwestern US

Eastern US

Sea salt Organic CarbonDustBlack carbonSulfate

NASA GOCART Model Particle Speciation


Black Carbon

Organic Carbon


Examples of Giovanni capabilities for exploration and visualization of Global and US Air Quality

Air Pollution over China: MODIS AOD via Giovanni

July 4th – August 4th, 2008

August 5th – August 25th, 2008

Beijing Summer 2008

Beijing Summer 2007

PM2.5, MODIS and OMI Views of California Fires

OMI UV Aerosol Index

EPA AIRNow PM2.5(ug/m3)


Oct. 24th

Oct. 25th

Aerosol Pollution over the Eastern US: haze or clouds ?

MODIS Terra True Color imagery

Aerosol Pollution over the Eastern US?

  • Mixture of Haze and cloud over the Northeast

Haze over the Eastern US: Surface monitor and satellite data – July 7th, 2006

OMI Aerosol Index

Moderate PM2.5


AIRNow PM2.5


Monitor-Satellite ComparisonsJune 15- July 15th, 2006

MODIS/PM2.5 correlation

MODIS/PM2.5 time series

Satellite data is a total column --- not necessarily correlated with PM2.5 concentrations

Aerosol Pollution on July 7th: industrial (sulfate) or smoke ?

Gocart Model

July 7th – relatively high organic and black carbon over eastern US

Organic Carbon Black carbonSulfate

Aerosol Pollution over the Eastern: Gocart Model data via Giovanni


Organic Carbon Black carbonSulfate

Organic Carbon

Coming Soon to Giovanni….

  • HTAP Model Data

  • Meteorological and chemical speciation data from models for examining long range transport of pollutants

  • Comparisons among satellite, model, and in-situ air quality data

How can I learn more about NASA Earth Science data and Giovanni ??

  • AMS 2009 – 1 Day Giovanni workshop

  • More workshops in 2009 on NASA Earth Science data sets and tools, including Giovanni

Backup slides

Giovanni Air Quality Tools and Datasets

Available Science Data Sets

  • PM2.5 station data - Acquired at DataFed from EPA AIRNow and then via WCS into Giovanni

  • MODIS TERRA and AQUA total and fine mode Aerosol Optical Depth

  • CALIOP Aerosol Feature Mask curtain plots

  • OMI UV Aerosol Index

  • OMI NO2 Tropospheric column (0.25x0.25 degree)

  • Gocart Model data – AOD speciation (2x2.5 degree)

  • AIRS CO, methane

    Useful Tools for Air Quality Applications

  • AOD/ PM2.5 scatter plots, correlation maps, time series and difference plots

  • AOD and PM2.5 loops for examining long range transport of aerosols

NASA GOCART Model Particle Speciation

Sea salt Organic CarbonDustBlack carbonSulfate

North-Central US

Southeastern US


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