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Verb Phrase
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Verb Phrase. Verb phrase—consists of a main verb preceded by at least one helping verb (auxiliary verb). Besides all forms of the verb be , helping verbs include. Forms of Be:. amis are waswere bebeing been . Forms of Do:. Do does did. Forms of Have:.

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Verb Phrase

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Verb phrase

Verb Phrase

Verb phrase—consists of a

main verb preceded by

at least one helping verb

(auxiliary verb)

Besides all forms of the verb be, helping verbs include

Verb phrase

Forms of Be:

amis are waswere

bebeing been

Verb phrase

Forms of Do:

Do does did

Forms of Have:


Verb phrase

Other Helping Verbs:

can could should

maymust would

might shall will

Verb phrase

Notice how helping verbs work

together with main verbs to make a

complete verb phrase.

Verb phrase


is leaving may become

might have remained

had seemed

should move

might have thought

shall be going could jump does sing

Verb phrase

Sometimes the parts of a

verb phrase are interrupted

by other parts of speech.

Verb phrase

  • Did you hear President Bush’s speech?

  • Has the D.J. played the new CD for you?

Verb phrase


She had always been thinking

of her future.

We could never have moved the


Verb phrase


The word not is always an

adverb. It is never part of

a helping verb, even when it

is joined to a verb as the

contraction –n’t.

Verb phrase

He should not have borrowed

his book.

He shouldn’t have borrowed

his book.

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