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Office of the Student Treasurer

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Office of the Student Treasurer - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Office of the Student Treasurer. and. Student Finance Committee. present. Treasurer’s Night. September 21, 2008. Officers. Treasurer: Lilia Andonova Assistant Treasurer: Jake Rathjens Controller: Asishana Osho Assistant Controller: Peter Kim SFC Coordinator: Cole Hershkowitz

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Presentation Transcript

Office of the Student Treasurer


Student Finance Committee


Treasurer’s Night

September 21, 2008



Treasurer: Lilia Andonova

Assistant Treasurer: Jake Rathjens

Controller: Asishana Osho

Assistant Controller: Peter Kim

SFC Coordinator: Cole Hershkowitz

Office Assistant: Cara Lawler

Office Assistant: Luke Herrine

Tech Manager: Harris Lapiroff


Contact Us


What is SFC?

  • Mission
  • SFC Structure
  • Administrative Support:
  • Advisor: Eric Estes
  • Senior Accountant: David Laczko
  • Contract Writers: Tina Zwegat

Getting Started

  • Forms in Wilder Office
  • Authorization Form
  • Marked-up budget

Important Departments

  • Student Union
  • Wilder Desk
  • Controller’s Office
  • Purchasing Office
  • Printing Services
  • Local Vendors

Major Functions

  • Budget Allocations
  • Ad-hoc Allocations

How are dorms different?

  • Fixed allocation based on the number of residents in the dorm
  • Don’t have to write up budgets
  • Often engage in support of other events, therefore HAVE to maintain good records
  • Unused funds during the year typically roll over to the next one

The Forms

  • Request for Payment Form
  • Requisition for Purchase
  • Local Vendor Form

The Forms (Cont’d)

  • No staples (Only paper clips)‏
  • The bottom copy is ALWAYS yours.
  • Keep in mind that forms take two business days to process and checks are only cut out on Monday and Wednesday.
  • EVERY form must have a receipt, invoice, bill or contract.

Request for Payment Form (cont\'d)‏

  • Reimbursements
  • Honorariums (Contracts)‏
  • Transfers (from Dorms)‏
  • Kept in the SFC office and
  • the first floor of Wilder.

Request for Payment Form (cont’d)‏

  • For forms totaling $25 or less…
  • In order to receive your reimbursement, please pick up the forms from outside the SFC office. Take them to the Student Accounts Office in Carnegie along with your OCID. The receptionist at the window will give you the money in the form of cash.

Request for Payment Form (cont’d)‏

  • Forms for trips
    • These must submitted TOGETHER

Request for Payment Form (cont’d)‏

  • Gas Reimbursement
    • Reimbursements will be made according to mileage. The current rate is BLANK
    • With your form, you should include:
      • A statement of sorts to show how far you have gone (itemize to reach the total amt. to be reimbursed)‏
      • Receipts for gas must still be included!!

Requisition for Purchase (cont\'d)‏

  • Bulk purchases
  • Catalog purchases
  • Online purchases
  • controller’s building.

Local Vendor Forms (cont\'d)‏

  • Purchases from businesses in Oberlin
  • Although these can be used before they are signed by an SFC treasurer, caps still apply and we expect you to talk with us before you use the form.
  • $250 max
  • Kept in the SFC office, but filled out at time of purchase.

Transportation Forms

  • Vehicle rentals.
  • Used to confirm that funds in the account are sufficient to rent a vehicle.
  • Available in SFC office, but filled out in the transportation office.

Cash Advance Forms

  • Used to withdraw cash from the account.
  • ONLY used when ABSOLUTELY necessary
  • Can only be used twice every academic year.
  • Available in SFC office and filled out there

Important Do’s and Don’ts

  • Payments to individuals MUST include T-numbers or SSNs.
  • Let people know that if they are on college payroll, money is likely to be incorporated into their paychecks.
  • DO NOT pay an individual directly for services.
  • DO NOT spend organization funds on gifts.
  • DO NOT type up contracts yourself.

Form Processing

Day of Submission

  • The FULLY COMPLETED form is brought to the SFC office.*
  • The controller checks the forms to make sure that the group is using funds as approved by the SFC in the MARKED UP BUDGET.
  • One of the treasurers signs the form.
  • David Laczko receives the forms at the end of the day.

Following Monday or Wednesday

  • Forms get processed at the controller’s office.
  • Payment is sent out.

* Forms received after office hours are processed the following day.