the declaration of independence
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The Declaration of Independence

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The Declaration of Independence - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Declaration of Independence. John Trumbull, Declaration of Independence, July 4, 1776 , 1817. “Declaration Day”. A desperate situation Forced to retaliation The task ahead a burden Men will suffer, that\'s for certain We\'ll charge into the fire The cause, we must inspire

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the declaration of independence
The Declaration of Independence

John Trumbull, Declaration of Independence, July 4, 1776, 1817.

declaration day
“Declaration Day”

A desperate situation

Forced to retaliation

The task ahead a burden

Men will suffer, that\'s for certain

We\'ll charge into the fire

The cause, we must inspire

We raise our fists to tyranny

A high price, freedom is not free

The odds are stacked against us

But with our resolve relentless

And arrogance their weakness

Our cause is just, we won\'t be beaten

Upon this declaration

Will come a brand new nation

Where men are seen as equal

Governed by and for the people


Chorus:So we make our stand and prayOn this Declaration DayFor independence I will fightWith liberty I will defySo we make our stand and prayOn this Declaration DayGive me liberty or give me deathI\'ll fight till my last breathWith virtue as our beaconOur cause is charged as treasonBattle worn and starvingThrough the hell of war we\'ll keep marchingThe birth of our new nationAn act of desperationWe\'ll force King George down to his kneesCapitulationChorus

bell ringer
  • What might have been some arguments in favor of remaining loyal to Britain? What might have been some arguments in favor of declaring independence?

Independence from Great Britain was NOT declared at the beginning of the war; many colonists did not favor a total break with Britain.

Since there were no such things as opinion polls in 1775-1776, it is impossible to know what most colonists thought at any given moment during this time about breaking away from Britain.

Most of the members of the Continental Congress were of a deeply conservative nature and some colonies had deep ties to Britain, especially economic ones.

Over the course of 1775, however, many Americans started to turn against the king due to escalating conflicts and oppressive laws.

The colonists’ failed invasion of Canada also did much to bring about a declaration of independence.

Only by declaring independence could the Congress hope for aid from the French.

January 1776, Thomas Paine publishes Common Sense, which calls for independence and a new government. He also spoke how our continuing bonds with Britain were hurting us.
  • Inspired by Paine’s arguments, Patriot meetings throughout the colonies urged a break from Britain.
  • On July 1, the Continental Congress created a committee to draft a declaration of independence.
  • The Declaration of Independence: Authored by Thomas Jefferson, consists of 5 parts:
  • 1)The Preamble, 2) Statement of Human Rights, 3) Charges against Human Rights, 4) Charges against the King and Parliament, 5) the Statement of Separation and Signatures from colonial delegates.
  • The ideas/arguments themselves were not totally original. After all, Jefferson’s task was to simply write up a formal statement explaining further our decision to become independent.
  • The Continental Congress approves the idea of independence on July 2nd, but formally approves the DOI (the document) itself on July 4th!
  • The document is not officially signed by all members of the Congress until August.

Thomas Jefferson,

the main author of the

Declaration of Independence.

my declaration of independence
My Declaration of Independence
  • Working alone, you will draft your own declaration of independence. This could be from your parents/guardians, school/teachers, job, toxic relationship, etc.
  • Here are the sections you must include in your DOI:
  • Preamble—Short statement on what has brought you to the point where you are ready for independence.
  • Statement of Rights—What rights do you think you are entitled to? List them.
  • Statement against Rights—What, specifically, has been done to challenge your rights? Who has been most responsible for doing this?
  • Your formal statement summing up why you choose to separate yourself.
  • Your signature at the bottom.