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Tea With Tracey

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Tea With Tracey. A Travel Narrative Report By: Brooklyn Beauchamp. Tea with Tracey. Written by Tracey Caswell Grew up in a small town in Canada M arried and relocated to Bermuda Wrote the book as a narrative of her experiences and life in Bermuda

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tea with tracey

Tea With Tracey

A Travel Narrative Report By:

Brooklyn Beauchamp

tea with tracey1
Tea with Tracey
  • Written by Tracey Caswell
  • Grew up in a small town in Canada
  • Married and relocated to Bermuda
  • Wrote the book as a narrative of her experiences and life in Bermuda
  • Provides advice to women who are thinking about moving to Bermuda
  • Describes atmosphere, working conditions, cuisine, scenery and residence life
coping with the weather
Coping with the Weather
  • VERY humid
  • Hot summers- air conditioning expensive; fans best solution
  • Cold, comfortable winters
  • Be prepared for hurricanes
  • “If you don’t REALLY need it, DON’T bring it!”
  • Keep only what you are prepared to use
  • Always keep things clean and less cluttered
  • Half of what you presently own is useless in Bermuda
  • Conserve water
  • Rain water is collected from roof, stored in tank
  • Use only what you need-overuse can create problems for visitors
  • “Be sensible. Be aware. Think. An early morning shower is pointless if you’ll be on the beach before noon
  • Grocery and house bills are double or triple typical prices.
  • Live on a budget
  • Only buy what you need
  • Enjoy free activities- picnics, walks on the beaches, see tourist sights. Go to early bird specials for dinner
be considerate
Be Considerate
  • Bermuda has many laws, controls and regulations
  • Necessary for the survival of the quality of life
  • Be considerate of their permit laws
  • Follow common dress codes-must have shirt at all times, appropriate length, modest, not individualistic
  • Bermudians deserve first rights
be considerate1
Be Considerate
  • Patience is required!
  • Bermudians work very slow
  • “Island time”- more laid back unlike Americans
  • “YOU MUST SLOW DOWN”. Bermudians will not speed up to your time
  • Try to learn their dialect. Different language
  • Keep their land clean and no littering!
cuisine entertainment
Cuisine & Entertainment
  • Try popular foods- Cassava pie, shadeesh, wahoo, cod fish cakes
  • Theatre productions, Bermuda Festival in January, live productions at hotels, movie theatres, and night clubs
  • Beaches!
  • Cup Match in August
transportatio n
  • 1 car per house
  • Obey traffic laws- 20 mph
  • Bikes and motorcycles
  • Recommend bike transport to save gas money
  • “Pink & Blue” city buses
  • Bring jacket and scarf-cold on bikes
  • Small, tight roads
plants animals
Plants & Animals

Respect the wild life

Natural, wild trees and plants. Be careful of poisonous plants

Bermuda bird- Longtail

Beware of the toads and gophers!

Be environmentally friendly

  • Become adjusted
  • Read local newspapers, magazines and travel brochures
  • Learn government laws
  • Walk every street and learn landmarks to find your way around
  • Write letters to family
  • Stay busy-Volunteer
other recommendations
Other Recommendations
  • Purchase “Dining out in Bermuda”
  • Best restaurant examples: Flanagan\'s and Portofino
  • Buy clothes at Smith’s and other stores in Pagent Plaza
  • Best supermarket deals at Market Place
  • Get library card and video club membership
  • Take a year to adjust
would i recommend
Would I Recommend?
  • Would recommend to women
  • People who are considering moving abroad
  • People who are considering traveling to Bermuda
  • Liked how she described the island
  • Liked how she gave a personal view of living in Bermuda
  • Enjoyed reading her stories and recommendations