Public health globalisation
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Public health & Globalisation PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Public health & Globalisation. Dr. Babar T Shaikh The Aga Khan University Karachi, Pakistan. Public health & Globalisation. Enabling Objectives To understand what is public health To learn about basic components of public health To learn about global opportunities available.

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Public health & Globalisation

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Public health globalisation

Public health & Globalisation

Dr. Babar T Shaikh

The Aga Khan University

Karachi, Pakistan

Public health globalisation1

Public health & Globalisation

Enabling Objectives

  • To understand what is public health

  • To learn about basic components of public health

  • To learn about global opportunities available

Public health globalisation2

Public health & Globalisation

Performance Objectives

By the end of this presentation, we will learn to:

  • Conceptualize what public health is

  • Apply basic knowledge of public health to our health needs

  • Acquire knowledge about globalisation

Public health globalisation3

Public health & Globalisation

Public health

Definition:the organized local and global efforts to prevent death, disease and injury, and promote the health of populations.

Goals:Improve population health;

Reduce health inequalities.

Public health globalisation4

Public health & Globalisation


The intensification of global flows

of capital, goods, ideas and people across borders and the institutions and rules established to regulate these flows.

Public health globalisation

Globalisation and health


Cross border

flows technology

National Policies

Regional/global rules

and institutions

Level and













Other sectors


June 2000



Public health globalisation5

Public health & Globalisation

Public health in globalising world

  • Domestic action alone insufficient

  • Health achievements critical to international development goals

Public health globalisation6

Public health & Globalisation

Global risks for health

  • Exclusion from global markets

  • Private ownership of knowledge

  • Migration of health professionals

  • Cross border transmission of disease

  • Environmental degradation

  • Conflict

Public health globalisation7

Public health & Globalisation

Global opportunities for health

  • Inclusion/ connection

  • New market incentives for R&D

  • New resources for effective interventions

  • Knowledge dissemination

  • New rules to control cross border risks

Public health globalisation8

Public health & Globalisation

Public health crisis in developing countries

  • Poverty (2.5 billion), debt, inequalities;

  • Population growth (80 million);

  • Double burden of disease: HIV/AIDS;

  • Weak public health infrastructure;

  • Public sector reform.

Public health globalisation9

Public health & Globalisation

WHO’s response

  • Strategic directions;

  • Priority for: diseases of the poor, tobacco;

  • Support for national health systems;

  • New: Partnerships and relationships;


    Rules ;


Public health globalisation10

Public health & Globalisation

Globalisation, trade and healthA policy, research and training programme

  • Develop knowledge and skills

  • Promote policy coherence

  • Contribute to: global public goods for health, global health funds, international rules for health

Public health globalisation11

Public health & Globalisation

WTO Agreements and public health

  • GATT

  • Technical barriers to trade

  • Intellectual property and trade : TRIPS

  • Services : GATS

Public health globalisation12

Public health & Globalisation

Globalisation and health: policy measures

  • Equitable and sustainable growth

  • Openness- gradual, sequenced and paced

  • Produce global public goods, control the bads

  • Increase transfer of financial and technical resources

  • Strong national health policies, institutions, regulations and programmes

  • Engage across sectors and borders

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