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Yoly Woo-Hoogenstyn Articulation Officer

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Yoly Woo-Hoogenstyn Articulation Officer - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Helpful Tips from a UC A.O. Yoly Woo-Hoogenstyn Articulation Officer. Introduction. Today’s presentation will cover articulation tips from the perspective of a UC campus with focus on UC San Diego & UC Santa Cruz. Each UC has unique practices for processing articulation.

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Presentation Transcript

Helpful Tips from a UC A.O.

Yoly Woo-Hoogenstyn

Articulation Officer

  • Today’s presentation will cover articulation tips from the perspective of a UC campus with focus on UC San Diego & UC Santa Cruz.
  • Each UC has unique practices for processing articulation.
  • Contact the UC campus A.O. to inquire about best practices for that UC.
assist tips similarities differences among ucs
ASSIST: Tips, Similarities & Differences Among UCs
  • Articulation by Major: All UCs
  • Articulation by Department: 7 UCs
    • Excluding UCI, UCLA
    • Articulation for GE: 7 UCs
    • Excluding UCLA, UCSD, UCI (selected CCCs)
    • UC San Diego: once a course-to-course agreement is established, that agreement is valid wherever the course is used.
assist tips similarities differences among ucs1
ASSIST: Tips, Similarities & Differences Among UCs
  • Course Prefixes
    • At two UCs, course prefixes in UC Catalogs may differ from those on ASSIST.
    • UCD: ASSIST Prefix = Banner System
      • AAS (catalog); AF-AMST (ASSIST)
    • UCSC: ASSIST Prefix = Class Schedule
    • Department Names
      • ASSIST departments may not always reflect official UC campus departments.
assist tips similarities differences among ucs2
ASSIST: Tips, Similarities & Differences Among UCs
  • UC Campus Majors
  • Differing degrees and emphases may be displayed on ASSIST as separate majors.
  • UCSD: Psychology – degrees (emphases)
    • B.A. & B.S.
assist tips similarities differences among ucs3
ASSIST: Tips, Similarities & Differences Among UCs
  • UC Professional Programs on ASSIST
    • UCD: School of Veterinary Medicine
    • UCSF: Schools of Dentistry, Pharmacy
igetc vs uc campus specific ge
IGETC vs. UC Campus-Specific GE
  • IGETC and UC campus GE are distinct and separate patterns.
    • Some CCC IGETC-certified courses may also satisfy UC GE patterns.
    • UC campus GE patterns are unique.
    • UC campus practices for seeking campus GE articulation vary.
catalog rights
Catalog Rights
  • Catalog rights differ at each UC.
  • Catalog rights may differ among UC colleges.
ap ib articulation
AP / IB Articulation
  • AP/IB score credit is the same across UCs:
    • UC transferable units, eligibility, IGETC
  • AP/IB course-to-course articulation and satisfaction of requirements vary per UC.
  • Finding UC AP/IB information:
    • UCD, UCM: ASSIST links to UC Campus Catalog
    • UCI, UCSD, UCSB: Check the UC Campus Catalog
    • UCR: Modifying agreements TBD
    • UCSC: AP/IB under ASSIST ‘By Major’
    • UCB, UCLA: AP on ASSIST for select majors only
uc curriculum update process
UC Curriculum Update Process
  • CCCs update quarterly.
  • UCs update annually.
  • UCs base curriculum changes on their catalogs, catalog supplements and varied internal processes.
publishing uc agreements
Publishing UC Agreements


  • publish July through January (typically).
  • do not change their side of the agreement within academic year – with rare exception.
  • do not sever articulation in an academic year when students may be disadvantaged.
  • add articulation throughout the year.
  • obtain CCC course additions, deletions and changes from ASSIST reports.
  • maintain and manipulate CCC course data when establishing agreements on ASSIST.
uc annual update reports
UC Annual Update Reports
  • UCs provide an annual summary of their updates to majors and curriculum changes.
  • UCSD: provides report October.
    • Single report includes Jacobs Engineering and All Majors
    • UCSD report provides updates on campus information and changes to campus majors as well as minors.
uc a o responsibilities
UC A.O. Responsibilities
  • UC A.O. has varied responsibilities:
    • Exploring Majors (ASSIST)
    • UC Transfer Preparation Paths
    • Responsibilities vary, may include:
      • TAG, transfer programs and outreach
      • Honors program coordination
      • Campus, UCOP & CIAC committees
      • Develop and provide training
      • Catalog, web & publication updates
      • Evaluation, Holistic Review: FR & TR
best practices for submitting uc articulation proposals
Best Practices for Submitting UC Articulation Proposals
  • ASSIST-Next Generation proposes a new tracking system for the future.
  • Current best practices for UCSD:
    • Submit via email.
    • Provide CCC course outlines in PDF.
    • Group by dept.; avoid long requests.
    • Propose a specific course-to-course agreement.
    • Checklist: Transferable? Already articulated? Previously requested?
reasons uc faculty request additional documentation
Reasons UC Faculty Request Additional Documentation
  • Details not found in the COR
  • No indication of time spent on specific topics
    • including lab topics and lab time spent
  • Missing types of assignments for specific topics
  • Criteria for evaluation, especially writing assignments are unspecified
  • Textbooks and required reading unknown
  • Subject-specific information lacking in the course objectives and student learning outcomes
contacting uc faculty depts
Contacting UC Faculty & Depts.
  • Direct all articulation requests through A.O.s
  • Contact the UC A.O. first before making inquires to UC campus faculty/departments.
  • UC A.O.s may work with specific department liaisons who work with multiple faculty.
  • UC department faculty/staff may not be as familiar with articulation protocol.
  • UC campus departments and UC catalogs may focus on native students vs. transfer student criteria and protocol…use caution.
timing reminders
Timing / Reminders
  • UC faculty sabbaticals, teaching, research and travel schedules may affect the time needed to process articulation proposals.
  • Varied A.O. responsibilities impact processing.
  • CCC A.O.s are encouraged to track UC requests to avoid duplicate requests.
  • Contact the UC campus A.O. when response time seems unusually extended.
  • UCSD: Provides an email to the CCC A.O. with articulation outcome.
at the ciac conference
At the CIAC Conference
  • Introduce yourself to UC & other A.O.s
  • Green Dots: New A.O. Trainees
  • Blue Dots: CIAC Conference Mentors
  • CIAC Website: Mentor list; resources galore
  • CIAC Conference Hospitality:
    • Visit the CIAC Blog
      • Agenda, restaurants, activities, etc.
    • Attend the Thursday night reception
    • Learn, network and enjoy!