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Painting Subject- C hina Landscapes Media-Water C olor P aint and I ndia ink - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Painting Subject- C hina Landscapes Media-Water C olor P aint and I ndia ink. P ainting Group is Brianne, Kaleb , Abby, Trey, Lauren, Gretchen, and Madison . subject. Our Subject: Chinese Landscaping

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Subject- China Landscapes

Media-Water Color Paint and India ink

Painting Group is

Brianne, Kaleb , Abby, Trey, Lauren, Gretchen, and Madison


  • Our Subject: Chinese Landscaping

  • Chinese landscaping is considered to be the highest form of Chinese painting. Some of the examples follow.

Our subject creates meaning by showing Chinese landscaping from over the years and how the old traditional landscaping, and the new are alike yet different.


  • Your painting may include anything like the Chinese temples, weeping Chinese crabapple, bamboo tree, pistachio tree, Chinese flame tree/flame gold, etc.


  • Media: Watercolor and India ink

  • India ink: Also known as China ink is a deep black ink containing dispersed carbon particles used in drawing and technical graphics. When using India ink, you need to use a small paint brush rather than a larger brush because India ink is runny. You can also use an Indian ink pen if you have one. India ink is normally used when outlining flowers and other blossoms, and to add more detail and other special features to your drawings and paintings.

  • Watercolor: Watercolor painting is a method used to add color, texture, and representation to an original painting or drawing. Using different amounts of one color will change the texture of a painting


  • Materials: Paper, pencil, paint brushes, water color paint, India ink


  • Steps for making the painting project:

  • 1. Get materials for sketching and painting

  • 2. Start sketching your choice of a Chinese landscape

  • 3. Once you’re satisfied with your sketch, start tracing over your pencil markings with the India ink.

  • 4. When you’re finished with tracing, and the India ink is dry, begin using the watercolor.


  • They used water colors and India ink

  • They used black lines, sharp dotted brush strokes, and ink wash

  • Had two kinds of techniques and scenes


  • The Chinese’s watercolors are made of vegetable and mineral pigments, and premixed with some sort of binder, making it mostly animal glue.

  • The water color is used mostly in the same way the Western watercolors.

  • The main feature of the watercolor is the transparency and luminosity.


These are some water color paintings.


  • -Participation: You are expected to cooperate and successfully create a Chinese landscape painting with the correct media(1-10)

  • -Creativity: Use your own ideas and imagination (1-10)

  • -Materials: Used properly (1-10)

  • -Positivity: Had a good attitude towards the assignment and group members (1-10)

  • -Appropriateness: Don’t paint inappropriate paintings (1-10)