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Regional Technical Forum September 18, 2012

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Regional Technical Forum September 18, 2012 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Plans to bring Out-of-Compliance UES Measures back into Compliance: 1. Agricultural Irrigation Hardware UES 2. Agricultural Motors UES. Regional Technical Forum September 18, 2012. Background. Ag Irrigation Hardware UES and Ag Motors UES Out-of-Compliance on February 1, 2011

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Plans to bring Out-of-Compliance UES Measures back into Compliance:1. Agricultural Irrigation Hardware UES2. Agricultural Motors UES

Regional Technical Forum

September 18, 2012

  • Ag Irrigation Hardware UES and Ag Motors UES
    • Out-of-Compliance on February 1, 2011
    • Opportunity to bring in a plan extended to November 14, 2012.
  • Today we’re looking for RTF review (and approval?) of the plans to bring these two UES measures into compliance with the guidelines.
measure description ag hardware
Measure Description - Ag Hardware
  • 18 measures:

Note: Those in blue with an asterisk were recommended as “under review” in the memo, but the RTF assigned them all out-of-compliance.

why out of compliance memo
Why Out-of-Compliance? (memo)

Ag Irrigation Hardware

  • Savings calculated using subcommittee estimates for key baseline and efficient-case input parameters
    • Average Lift, Average System Pressure, “Baseline Factor”, Pump Efficiency, Motor Efficiency, Operating Hours, Pre/Post Flows and Leakage Rates
  • Need measured data to support baseline and efficient-cases.
proposed plan ag hardware
Proposed Plan – Ag Hardware


  • December 2012 – The following data submitted to subcommittee
    • The “Idaho Power / University of Idaho” field research
      • Final report due in December
    • BPA Pump Test Data compiled and provided(?)
    • Rocky Mountain Power
      • Data set for field data from 2009-2011 irrigation program participants available this fall
      • Date set from field work for 2006-2008 program impact evaluation.
  • January 2013 – The subcommittee will work to incorporate the findings into the UES savings.
  • February 2013 – Subcommittee will present its recommendations to the RTF.
    • Depending on study findings, this may include a mix of Proven, Provisional, and Small Saver measures.
proposed plan ag hardware continued
Proposed Plan – Ag Hardware (continued)

Details of the Idaho Power / U of I Study(SOW)

  • Study Objective: Field data collection necessary to determine energy savings on irrigation hardware measures.
  • Approach:
    • Determine ratio of worn to non-worn components and degree of wear
    • Conduct water application uniformity tests
    • Measure volume of leaks
    • Determine age of equipment

BPA Pump Test Data(Pump Test Data Collection Form)

  • BPA to provide Overall Plant Efficiency data from its pump tests
    • ??? Availability of the data unknown, but over 2,000 tests have been performed.

Rocky Mountain Power Data

    • Flow (short term measurements), pressure, real power (short term measurements), well depth, crop data, billing records.
  • Motion: The RTF approves the plan to bring the Ag Irrigation Hardware UES measures back into compliance with the Guidelines.
measure description ag motors
Measure Description - Ag Motors
  • Replacement of existing ODP or TEFC motors 5hp or greater with premium efficiency motors.
why out of compliance memo1
Why Out-of-Compliance? (memo)

Ag Motors

  • Needs an empirical basis for:
    • hours of operation,
    • baseline motor efficiency, and
    • average loading.
proposed plan ag motors
Proposed Plan – Ag Motors

Two Options

A. Deactivate this measure

  • Three utilities expressed little to no interest in the measure
    • Idaho Power
      • Not currently offered as a deemed measure (usually comes in with custom measures)
      • Would consider offering it if RTF-approved, but don’t expect big uptake
    • Rocky Mountain Power
      • Not currently offered as a deemed measure
      • “Lukewarm” on the measure
    • BPA
      • Measure was removed from deemed offering in October
      • Wasn’t a large measure (maybe 10 units came in when offered)

B. Undertake the Proposed Plan…

proposed plan ag motors1
Proposed Plan – Ag Motors

Data Collection

  • Hours of Operation
    • The following sources will be used to justify hours of operation:
      • Idaho Power to provide total kWh divided by peak kW (July) for irrigation customers. This value is inherently low, so will serve as the lower end of the possible range.
      • Ag Extension agency crop needs data will be used to determine typical annual water requirements by crop. Hours will be determined using the standard 7gpm/acre design criteria, and weighted by crop type.
  • Baseline Motor Efficiency
    • Motor manufacturers will be asked to provide their 20-year old product data.
  • Average Loading
    • The following sources will be used to justify motor loading:
      • Idaho Power will perform research using AMI data (to determine motor kW) and motor horsepower database to determine average loading on 100 motors.
      • BPA (still need to verify availability)will provide motor loading data from its many pump tests in the Region.
proposed plan ag motors continued
Proposed Plan – Ag Motors (continued)


  • Assemble data by Jan 2013
  • Subcommittee review in Jan 2013
  • Proposal to RTF for Feb 2013 meeting
    • Depending on data collection results, revised measures may be proposed as Proven, Provisional, or Small Saver.



  • Option A: The RTF deactivates the Ag Motors UES measure.


  • Option B: The RTF approves the plan to bring the Ag Motors UES measures back into compliance with the Guidelines.