Dental department
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Dental department. MDECS AND DENTISTRY. Opportunities and challenges. June 2010. More people access dental services more than any other healthcare service. Oral health must be considered as a key component to general health care. Dentistry in London.

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Dental department

Dental department


Opportunities and challenges

June 2010

More people access dental services more than any other healthcare service. Oral health must be considered as a key component to general health care

Dentistry in london
Dentistry in London healthcare service.

  • 28% of the national output of dentists are from London UG schools

  • London deanery is the only deanery to train for all 13 dental specialties

  • We provide and commission continuing professional development (CPD) for the whole dental team

  • London trains 250 Dental Foundation trainees per year

Where are we now
Where are we now? healthcare service.

  • DF2 bundle out for tender. Lead Providers have been signed on to the framework

  • The hope and anticipation is that LPs have engaged with existing LEPs

  • The SoR and draft ITT have addressed quality issues, training in more than one setting, mapping and delivery of the DF curriculum

  • Benefits of the commissioner provider separation df2
    Benefits of the Commissioner /Provider separation – DF2 healthcare service.

    • Raising the profile of dentistry within the Lead providers

    • Innovative programmes that will ensure training in more than one setting

    • An engagement with providers to raise standards

    • The possibility of combined DF1 and DF2 programmes in

    • the future

    Benefits challenges of the c p separation df1
    Benefits & Challenges of the C/P separation – DF1 healthcare service.

    • DF1 training within the primary care setting raises contractual challenges

    • There are no natural LPs for DF1 and therefore development of the market will be key

    • An opportunity perhaps to pilot the C/P separation within

    • primary care in both GDS and GP using consortia.

    • For dentistry an opportunity for new ways of delivering DF1 training with clear water between commissioner and provider

    Benefits and challenges of the c p separation cpd
    Benefits and challenges of the C/P separation - CPD healthcare service.

    • The dental part of the deanery, provides courses and CPD to the whole

    • dental team. Cf medicine

    • This is done via dental tutors, and DCP (dental care professional )

    • tutors who are linked to the sectors of London

    • Poor performance and referral from GDC, PCTs etc is managed by the

    • deanery. Will this be commissioned with Dental CPD?

    • e-Wisdom is a valuable resource for revalidation. PDP setting to inform the need for CPD is essential

    Thank you
    Thank you healthcare service.