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South Asia

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South Asia. Colonization. British colonized India to get access to their cotton goods, spices, silk & indigo (a plant from which blue dye is made). Sepoy/Indian Rebellion 1857. 1 st Indian War for independence from British

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  • British colonized India to get access to their cotton goods, spices, silk & indigo (a plant from which blue dye is made).
sepoy indian rebellion 1857
Sepoy/Indian Rebellion 1857
  • 1st Indian War for independence from British
  • Indians angered by British imposing British laws & customs, outlawing many traditional Indian customs.
  • Rebellion united the Indians together.

Indian soldier facing execution for protesting the new use of the new rifles smeared with beef & pork grease. Photo from the movie ”MANGAL PANDEY: THE RISING”

gandhi 1869 1948 independence
Gandhi (1869-1948) & Independence
  • Urged Indians to be peaceful use non-violent resistance .
  • Gandhi & others imprisoned multiple times for protesting.
  • 1947 India gained independence from England.
  • Amazing! A powerful nation (England) defeated by a peaceful revolution.

Gandhi Bio Video

india pakistan partition
India/Pakistan Partition
  • When the British left, they divided India into 2 parts:
    • Pakistan: Muslim
    • India: Hindu
  • Fighting began over this new border & the “Kashmir region”.
  • Gandhi (78 yrs!) – 5 day hunger strike, stopped the fighting.
  • 12 days later, a Hindu man, who disagreed with Gandhi\'s ideas of peace & tolerance for ALL, shot & killed Gandhi.
hinduism see religions notes from 1 st semester
World’s oldest religion.

More than just a philosophy, is a way of life.

Hinduism has no founder , no single set of beliefs, no basic religious text (not bound by a single doctrine).

Hinduism see religions notes from 1st semester
sikhism see religions notes from 1 st semester for detailed information
Sikhismsee “Religions” notes from 1st semester for detailed information
  • Sikhism combines the Muslim belief in one god with the Hindu belief in karma & reincarnation.
  • A fast growing religion found in India.

Ganges River

For Hindus…

  • Holy river
  • Expected to bathe in this river at least once in your lifetime.
  • washes away your sins.


ताज महल

Built by the ruler Shah Jahan in the 17th Century as a tomb for his wife.


India’s “Green Revolution”


  • GOAL  make India self-sufficient in food grains.
  • Introduced modern science, technology, fertilizers & irrigation methods to help farmers triple their crops

Use of high yielding varieties (HYV) of seeds

  • Irrigation
  • Use of insecticides and pesticides
  • Consolidation of holdings
  • Land reforms
  • Improved rural infrastructure
  • Supply of agricultural credit
  • Use of (chemical) fertilizers
  • Use of Sprinklers or Drip Irrigation