Js russell middle school
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JS Russell Middle School. A School Transforming To Excellence. History.

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Js russell middle school

JS Russell Middle School

A School Transforming To Excellence


The oldest school in the county, built in the 1950’s as James Solomon Russell High School –it was the county’s black high school.  After integration it became the junior high school servicing grades 7-9.  This status remained until 2006 when the additional wing was finished at the high school.   That year the high school was given grades 9-12 and Sturgeon Elementary was closed and turned into the administration building and 6th grade was moved from the elementary schools to the middle school.  After that point RMS held grades 6-8.


  • 475-School Membership 

  • Title I School-wide Program

  • Title I Targeted Assistance School

  • 380- 80% Minority Students              

  • 5 - .01% Limited English Proficient Students

  • 67- 14% Students with Disabilities

  • 388- 81.51% Students Identified as Disadvantaged


Percentage of students with 5 or more absences 1st quarter

Teacher attendance data for 1st quarter (days missed)


Adjusted SOL Data


  • A division and community committed to improvement

  • A staff willing to work hard and change practices

  • An external partner that shares the vision of excellence

  • Sustainable programs and processes


  • Facilities

  • Recruiting and retaining highly qualified staff

  • Persisting and persevering but discontinuing failing strategies

  • Implementing a communication plan for building stakeholder support


  • Programs

    Successmaker $63,000*

    Plugged Into Reading $40,000*

    Istation $12,500

  • Classroom supplies

    Library collection update $43000*

    Promethean boards $42000*

    Mimio Teach boards $15000*

  • Personnel

    Special education coach $60,000

    Math coach $50,000


  • Shifting requirements

  • Lack of infrastructure at the building level to support some initiatives

  • Communication amongst all members of the team


  • Increased student performance

    • Raise expectations of classroom rigor

    • Develop data driven culture at the school

    • Increased communication between all stakeholders and at all levels


  • Developing leadership capacity amongst the staff

  • Sustainable programs and materials

  • Creating an embedded culture of excellence

“It may be hard for an egg to turn into a bird: it would be a jolly sight harder for it to learn to fly while remaining an egg. We are like eggs at present; and you cannot go on indefinitely being just an ordinary, decent egg. We must be hatched or go bad.”C. S. Lewis