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Gravity Control™:. Is a new generation graphic user interface for searching, sorting and managing large amounts of data from different sources. Makes interaction with the computer natural and intuitive Is lased on a patented method

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Gravity Control™:

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Gravity Control™:

  • Is a new generation graphic user interface for searching, sorting and managing large amounts of data from different sources.

  • Makes interaction with the computer natural and intuitive

  • Is lased on a patented method

  • Is a working prototype that can be customized into various applications within a 4 to 16 months timeframe depending on project requirements

  •  Has standard Application Programming Interface (API) for dynamic integration of structured client’s data

Each body in the Universe attracts all others with a force directly proportional to its mass and inversely proportional to the distance between them.

In Gravity Control™ every data object attracts others with a force directly proportional to their coinciding attributesor the extent of similarity between them.

Gravity Control™ provides the most natural way to handle information

In this environment the user can handle objects naturally.

Just as if they were as palpable as the buttons children were asked to sort in this experiment.

Loading objects onto the work space

First you load objects onto a work space.

They can come from anywhere – a folder on your hard drive, and online database, and RSS feed, search engine, application output or literally any source available to your computer device.

Choosing and object of interest and extractingcriteria

Then you look through them, pick one or several that you are interested in. Now you can find other objects that are like this one in a certain way.

Decide what it is about the object that interest you and you can create a grouping point from that quality, or attribute.

Grouping similar object together

When the software knows what grouping criteria you have chosen it will find all objects that meet them and send them travelling to the respective grouping point.

Simultaneous sorting by multiple criteria

You can choose to have more than one criteria and more than one grouping point. At the same time on the same screen.

And if there are objects that meet more than one of your criteria Gravity Control™ will sort them into new groups and show you how they are related to any other group on the work space.

Performing further actions

And when you have your groups, you can do much more then just review them. You can operate with them. With all the group at the same time.

The availability of actions will vary according to object type, level of access or presence of certain attributes, but if your computer can do it, so can Gravity Control™.

Sew on 4 holes

Reports on grouping results

When you are done with the sorting, at least for the moment, you can get a full report on how many objects you have in each group, which ones they are, why they are there, where they came from and what other attributes they have that you have not taken into account.

Simultaneous work with different data types

Gravity Control™ can work with any structured data from any source. If your computer has access to it, it can be imported into Gravity Control™ and handled together with data in other formats and from other sources.

Simultaneously. On the same screen. According to the same criteria.

Wealready have working interfaces for popular online sources like social networks, media and emails.

The best interface for touch screens

  • In our opinion (and experience) the new graphic organization of the workspace that Gravity Control™ offers is and excellent choice for touch devices – portable or not so much.

Such as the new equipment in the Fox News Deck.

The equipment already exists but the software needs to catch up.

3D work space ready

  • And it can be even better in the 3D environments that will inevitably take over the digital universe.

Better and more natural graphic organization of the work space

  • We base this belief on the fact that new multidimensional graphic organization that allows us to move objects around and examine them like if they were palpable is in may ways more effective than traditional list views.

Visual representation of the extent of relevance through speed of movement

  • This means we can show things that stay invisible in a list. We can make the objects that are more like the initial object move to their group faster than the ones that are less like it.

Simultaneous sorting by several criteria

  • And if you set more than one criterion, we can show you the objects relevant to each one AND to any combination among them. You will get as many groups as there are combinations of criteria and see how they are related. And when you decide to add either object or criteria, you will keep the results you already have.

Convenient visualization of 28 times more objects compared to list views

  • You will be in fact working with multiple search results that would usually appear on separate pages. But with no need to switch between windows or pages and with little to no need to scroll around.

Gravity Control™ implementation scope

  • And being an interface, Gravity Control™ can be integrated into any and every software or become the basis for completely new products.

  • And it can work with any structured data.

Application potential

  • It can also be useful in any field of human activity – business or leisure. See what are some of the possible applications we came up with.

  • Gravity Patents™

  • Gravity Press Clipping™

  • AntiGravity Nutrition™

  • Gravity Warehouse™

  • Gravity Music™

  • Gravity Book Piles™

  • Gravity Football™

  • Gravity Project Management™

If gravity is good enough to runthe Universe maybe Gravity Controlis good enough to run your digital universe

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