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  • Uploaded on presentation. September 2001. At A Glance. The leading Internet payment gateway services provider in Russia both for B2B and B2C sectors The Company's current market share is estimated at 85-90% The clients of the Company are: - 8 processing companies

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Cyberplat com l.jpg


September 2001

Cyberplat com at a glance l.jpg At A Glance

  • The leading Internet payment gateway services provider in Russia both for B2B and B2C sectors

  • The Company's current market share is estimated at 85-90%

  • The clients of the Company are:

    - 8 processing companies

    - 12 banks

    - 156 e-shops

    - 430 000 customers

  • The only one licensed and patented payment system in Russia

  • The system is used as a standard web-shop element by software developers (Arcadia (1C), Demos, eTops, Exteria, Garant, Rstyle, Diasoft, IBS, IT)

The company employ following technologies l.jpg
The company employ following technologies:

CyberCheck® – secure document interchange for transactions and on-line payment;

CyberPOS® – acquiring of payment cards via Internet.

  • These technologies allow implementing following features :

  • Multicurrency processing and fraud monitoring of on-line payments in «business-to-consumer» (B2C) segment

  • Multicurrency processing of payments and conducting on-line transactions in «business-to-business» (B2В) segment

  • Internet-banking

  • Interbank clearing for В2С and В2В segments

The exploited applications l.jpg
The exploited applications

  • With usage of CyberPOS technology

  • Cyberinform – selling information to subscribers (MICEX, RBC, ect.)

  • PINSALE – selling virtual vouchers (scratch cards, access codes) for replenishment accounts with telecom companies

It is developed the project of virtual exchange on base of CyberCheck technology

Corporate history l.jpg

Project launch

  • Mar -1998

Start of commercial operations

First e-check payment

  • Mar -1998

First credit card payment by registered user

  • Jun -1998

First credit card payment by unregistered user

  • Feb -1999

Establishment of LLC as a separate legal entity

  • Mar -2000

Number of web-shoppers using CyberPlat exceeds 300,000

  • Jan-2001

Number of registered web-merchants reaches 156

Number of registered web-merchants reaches 100

  • Sep-2000

  • July-2001

  • Corporate Events

  • Operating Milestones

Corporate History

Standard gateway for connection of processing centres and scratch card processing

  • Feb-2001

Connection of Union and STB Payment Systems and

  • Mar-2001

Diners Club International granted certificate «Internet Processor Provider» for Russian region

  • May-2001

Number of web-shoppers using CyberPlat exceeds 400,000


Management l.jpg

  • Alexander Semerikov

Executive Director, Former Head of Branch Operations of Bank Platina

  • Vitaly Gurfinkel

Director of Sales Department, Former Vice President on Strategy and Planning at AFK Sistema and top manager of Intourist

  • Alexander Ikonnikov

Director of Technology Development Department, Former Head of Department of Banking Technologies at R-Style SoftWare Lab

Director of Marketing Department, Former head of Marketing Department of ROSNO company.

  • Alexey Ushakov

  • Vyacheslav Gorshkov

Head of Legal Department, Former Head of Legal Department at Mosenergo

  • Vitaly Degtyarev

Head of Security Service, Former First Deputy Head of "R" Department of the Russian Interior Ministry.

Selected clients l.jpg
Selected Clients

  • The 156+ clients list of is dominated by the leaders of the Russian e-commerce market

  • B2B

  • E-Tailers

  • Information

  • Billing

  • Software

  • Insurance

  • Others

Future clients and major projects l.jpg
Future clients and major projects

  • is at different stages of negotiations with major clients

  • Contract signed, software tuning

  • Gazcardservice (Gazprombank)

  • Svyaz-Bank (Kaluga)

  • Central Telegraph

  • Smolensky Bank (Moscow branch)

  • Saules Banka

  • Impexbank

  • Clearing house of Russian Trade System

  • Final stage of negotiations


Latest corporate events l.jpg
Latest Corporate Events

  • System of fraud monitoring was demonstrated to security officers of Visa, Europay and American Express

  • Diners Club International granted certificate «Internet Processor Provider» for Russian region

  • A scheme of technical cooperation with processing center of smart card payment system MIRCARD using DUET technology was developed.

  • Master-Bank has become a client of CyberPlat system.

  • Participation in Visa CEMEA Sub-Regional Meeting as Vendor.

  • 1 000 000 goods are now available via

  • IMPEXBANK and CYBERPLAT.COM have signed a Contract on cooperation in the sphere of payments in electronic shops.

  • Number of registered web-merchants reaches 156

  • Number of web-shoppers using CyberPlat exceeds 400,000

  • New licenses of FAPSI for providing of cryptographic protection

Future plans l.jpg
Future plans

  • To implement following business-processes

    • fraud monitoring for third party processors,

    • e-business consulting,

    • system integration of internet-commerce,

    • courses of Cyberplat technology

    • Internet content providing and billing services of Cyberplat .

  • CyberCheck –

    • transfer of interbank clearing from “Platina” Bank to multibank clearing,

    • development of new software based on XML technology along with adding digital signature of Customer Bank to the standard document.

  • СyberPOS –

    • coverage of major Russian processors, establishing gateway withforeign processors.

Cyberpos b2c technology description l.jpg
CyberPOS (B2C) technology description

  • B2C transaction processing is done by CyberPos software (applet, non-applet(for customers) and secure and simple mode (for merchants)

  • CyberPOS designed for processing of credit cards payments and supports all major Russian and International payment systems

    • Visa, EuroCard/MasterCard, Diners Club, JCB, American Express, Union Card, STB Card, e-port scratch-cards

  • Merchant has no access to the customer’s card details

  • Merchant (shop) registration is necessary,no customer registration necessary

  • SSL and standard web-browsers support

  • Simplicity and convenience of use

Cyberpos 2 transactions diagram l.jpg


CyberPOS (В2С) transactions diagram



Payment request


Order details




  • Authorization server

  • Accounting system

  • Fraud-monitoring

  • Denial analyser

  • Analysis and back-up module

Card details entry

(SSL, applet)

Unique identificator of

payment session



Authorization result


Authorization result

Authorization request



Processor of

Member Bank

Member Bank

Issuing Bank

Accepted cards l.jpg
Accepted Cards

  • VISA –viaUCS, Master-Bank

  • Europay –viaUCS, Master-Bank

  • MasterCard –viaUCS, Master-Bank

  • Diners club –via Diners club (UCS, Master-Bank)

  • American Express –viaUCS (upon permission ofAmerican Express)

  • JCB –viaUCS

  • UNION – issuer

  • e-port (scratch-cards of Autocardholding)– issuer

    To be accepted soon

  • STB - issuer

Cybercheck b2b technology description l.jpg
CyberCheck (B2B) technology description

  • Customer interaction can be implemented by the following stages: cardholder-ATM-bank

  • B2B transaction processing is done by CyberCheck software

  • CyberCheck technology is based on the digital signaturewhich provides following features:

    • Maximum security level

    • Impossibility of refusal of commitments caused by the transaction

    • Full compliance with Russian law

    • Conclusion of the contract and presentment of invoices takes place simultaneously during one cycle of data interchange

  • Secure data interchange

  • Digital signature registration is necessary

Cybercheck b2b l.jpg



CyberCheck (B2B)

Transaction confirmation, shipment of goods, providing of services


Invoice request


Invoice signed by digital signature

of the merchant (offer)


Invoice signed by digital signature of customer

and merchant (accepted offer)




Authorization request


of the account






Payment and authorization




Account statement

Cybercheck b2 implementation for atm network pos l.jpg

Processing center

of the bank

Merchant Bank

CyberCheck (B2С) implementation for ATM network (POS)

Confirmation on invoice payment


Debiting of customers


Request for invoice




Accepted offer














File transfer

to Bank




Client inserts card, enters PIN, selects “Payment for Beeline services” ATM option, enters telephone number and payment amount




and payment


Internet banking l.jpg

Payments by registered bannkcard, issued by any bank of the world (VISA, EC/MC, Diners, AmEx, JCB, UNION)

Payments to standard and random recipients

“Personal folder“ option

Statement of the account in member bank of the System

Statement of bankcard operations


System security and fraud monitoring l.jpg
System security and fraud monitoring

  • Encryption of information in the database and in transmission stage

  • Client information available only to “”

  • On-line authorization – protection from generated card details and cards without coverage

  • Black lists and stop-lists – protection from fraud

  • Prevention and help to the members in case of fraudulent attacks

  • Limit system, credit history

  • Information exchange with other systems on cases of fraud

  • Cooperation with law enforcement organs

Advantage of technologies l.jpg
Advantage of technologies

  • Transmission of encrypted data via open networks

  • Flexibility and compatibility

  • Efficiency

    • Ability to process unlimited quantity of transactions

    • Scaling

    • Simple to update

  • Security

    • Merchants don’t have access to customer’s card details

    • Support of SSL and other similar protocols

    • Encryption with 512 or 1024-bit keys

    • Transaction monitoring (automated or by operator) for fraud detection

  • Reliability

    • Sufficientback-up level

    • Software and hardware are based on standard software tools from leading international developers

Slide22 l.jpg


121248, Moscow,

Kutuzovsky prospect, 12

[email protected]

Phone +7 (095) 363-6897 Fax: +7 (095) 363-6867