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Bennett park and recreation district
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Bennett Park and Recreation District. Past, Present, and Future.

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Bennett Park and Recreation District

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Bennett park and recreation district

Bennett Park and Recreation District

Past, Present, and Future

Bennett park and recreation district

Our facility is a facility that creates memories, confidence and life achievements that will be remembered and talked about for the rest of their lives. We are a core entity to the Town of Bennett; a community based commodity for the Youth of the area that not only gains and meets personal growth and goals, we are the synergy for the town.

Board of directors

Board of Directors

Paul Bambach – President

Kim Hudson – Vice President

Stephanie MacClennen – Secretary

Karen Benesky – Treasurer

KorriBabi - Trustee

Bennett park and recreation district

Misconceptions about BPRD

  • Separate entity from Town of Bennett

  • Physical boundaries

  • Taxable boundaries



Two Mil Levies

Bond (5.4)

Operational (3.1)

Estimated operational cost for 2013 - $426,000.00

Operational dollars received from Mil Levy

Steps taken to reduce expenses

Steps taken to reduce expenses

Shut down most of the Aquatics Center (~$5,500 per month)

Reduced our staff 77% (50 down to 15 personnel)

Decreased our payroll by 22% (year to date)

Decreased our utilities approximately 40% (2013 vs 2014)

Reduced accounting fees an additional 45%

Events costs by roughly 20%

Reduced hours of operations

Additional revenues

Additional Revenues


Super Bowl Party

Silent Auction

Pumpkin Sales

Casino Bus Trip

ARC Truck

Garage Sales

Banner Sales

Grants / Donations

ADCO – Operations



Town of Bennett


Bennett park and recreation district

Additional Revenues

  • Facility

    • Increased Fitness classes by three (3)

    • Project 5% increase in both volleyball (adult and youth) leagues

    • Administration of Bennett division Coal Creek Midgets for peewee football

    • Increased Healthway’s (SilverSneakers®) participation

    • Continue to offer private swim lessons

    • Will continue to offer group swim lessons in Spring

    • Have increased our volunteers to include one fitness instructor and one personal trainer

  • Facility Rentals

    • MadKillz youth volleyball club

    • Lady Warriors youth softball club

    • Warrior's Way Karate

    • Jazzercise®

    • Elite Driving Academy

    • Auctioneers

    • Prairie Stars Square dance group

  • Engagement with SBDC for additional resources

  • Community contribution s

    Community Contribution's

    Currently offering

    Free Alzheimer’s information classes

    Free Medicare information classes

    Two free days offered throughout the year

    Participation in the HEAL “Get Mov’in” challenge

    Senior Pot Lucks

    Eastern Plains Womens Resource Center gathering in June

    Free use of facility to local youth hunt club

    Soccer sign ups

    Baseball sign ups

    Red Cross facility

    Director participates on Continuity of Operations Plan committee with Bennett Schools

    Teach Fitness classes during intramurals at Bennett Middle school, no cost to school

    Donate facility passes to I-70 corridor elementary schools whenever needed for raffle prizes.

    Scholarships for both memberships and leagues, all ages

    Community contribution s1

    Community Contribution's

    Membership offerings

    50 % off to Town of Bennett employees

    50% off to Bennett Fire District employees

    25% off to Military servicemen & Veterans

    25% off to First Responders along I-70 Corridor

    25 % off School District employees along I-70 Corridor

    Additional community resource's in consideration

    Drug and alcohol programs

    Pregnancy support groups

    Women support groups

    A community art center through Creative Industries

    Solar energy

    Friends of BPRD – Non Profit organization

    Community asset

    Community Asset

    With a recreation center located in town we reduce idle time on our children’s hands thus decreasing crime, drug abuse and bullying.

    Under theJuvenile Delinquency Prevention program, it has been noted

    “Recreation: One of the immediate benefits of recreational activities is that they fill unsupervised after-school hours. The Department of Education has reported that youths are most likely to commit crimes between 2 p.m. and 8 p.m., with crime rates peaking at 3 p.m. Recreation programs allow youths to connect with other adults and children in the community. Such positive friendships may assist children in later years.”


    New development

    New Development

    Phase III

    Redevelop our FDP – current plan now impracticable

    Town of Bennett Recreation plan calls for multipurpose fields directly behind our proposed fields

    Creates reduction in BPRD’s expected revenue

    Currently when we have an outside little league use the local fields, we rent them



    No collaboration effort between the Town of Bennett and The Rec District when the town chose to request a grant that puts multipurpose fields behind our facility

    This type of decision making process looks as if we are competing against each other

    Publics opinion is already slanted when speaking about the Town of Bennett and the Bennett Recreation Center in the same conversation due to no teamwork

    Why not partner on recreation efforts? Why not write grants together to benefit the Town, Rec Center and the community

    We may not always agree, but we have the civil decency to work together and provide our town with the best facilities possible.

    We need to have a untied vision.

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