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Chicago School of Liberal Arts and Sciences

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Chicago School of Liberal Arts and Sciences - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Chicago School of Liberal Arts and Sciences is a post-graduate degree designed to accelerate the career and stature of mature individuals.

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The Chicago School of Liberal Arts and Sciences (CLAS) is a graduate degree granting institution created for mature adults with significant lifetime experiences, activities, and learning beyond an undergraduate degree seeking to achieve a level of recognition to enhance their personal and professional credentials.


Students earn their Master degree by preparing a portfolio of experiences, training and learning activities over their lifetime. You have gained knowledge from work, seminars, on-site/off-site job training, volunteering in the community, military service, independent reading, open source course ware study.


Now you just have to demonstrate that learning so you can earn the graduate credit you deserve.



CLAS has developed the Adult and Experiential Learning Assessment (AELA) process. We have a team of experienced faculty to evaluate portfolios submitted for graduate credit.


AELA team members are tenured graduate faculty at CLAS with extensive backgrounds and knowledge in adult and experiential learning.



CLAS was founded by a group of experienced educators and professionals with more than a quarter century of combined experience and practical knowledge who believe in, and value experiential learning.



We want to help you bring your past learning and experience to your future.