Types of government
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Types of Government. Where did government come from?. Monarchy. Traced back to 750 B.C., Greek Kings ruled a polis (city) King/Queen control land and citizens Rule is divine and given by “ God ” It is hereditary (passed down from one generation to another)

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Types of government

Types of Government

Where did government come from?


  • Traced back to 750 B.C., Greek Kings ruled a polis (city)

  • King/Queen control land and citizens

  • Rule is divine and given by “God”

  • It is hereditary (passed down from one generation to another)

  • Absolute monarch: ruler has complete authority of their land and citizens


  • One person or group of people have unlimited power

    • Three types


  • In 600 B.C., Sparta became a military state

  • Military Rule- characterized by or favoring absolute obedience to authority

  • Leader has complete politcial control

  • Not responsible to the will of the people

  • Media is censured

  • Freedoms restricted

  • No criticism of government


  • State has completed control over all aspects of life (Economic, Social, and Political) based on an ideology

  • Absolutely no opposition allowed

  • Complete Media controlled and controls people through the media

  • Controlled by Violence (Terror)

  • Everyone is subordinated to the ruling party


  • One person has complete control of government

  • Uses oppressing manners to gain control


  • Developed in Athens 700 B.C.

  • Ruled by noble landlords (wealth that is passed down)

  • Rule is based on wealth, socail rank, and family ties

  • Social status and wealth support authority to rule

  • Nobles report to one main leader

  • Supports authoritarian rule


  • State ruled by a selected few (wealthy business men)

  • Rule is based on wealth and /or ability

  • Controls the military


  • Government where power rests with the people

  • Two types

    • Direct

    • Indirect or representative

Democracy continued
Democracy Continued

  • Direct Democracy

    • Controls remains in the hands of the voters

    • Majority rule decides vote

  • Indirect Democracy (Republic)

    • People don’t exercise power directly

    • Elected representatives make decisions for people

    • Constitution lists basic organization and operation of the government. States limitations

Aristotle s cycle of government
Aristotle’s Cycle of Government

Divine Rights of kings

Absolute Monarch (King Richard)

Island Mob Rule


Totalitarian – Controls Everything

Authorritarian – Controls Military

Dictatorship – Controls governtment

Wealth + many creates a polis (Does the greatest good for the greatest number)

Wealthy Heredrity (Magna Carta)

Wealthy Business Men (Russia)