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Mrs. Roberts. 1 st Grade Grassy Lake Elementary School. STRIPE Binders. Notes and forms go home and back to school in the front pocket . In the front, you will find very important info inside of page protectors. The agenda is behind the info pages.

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Mrs. Roberts

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Mrs roberts

Mrs. Roberts

1st Grade

Grassy Lake Elementary School

Stripe binders

STRIPE Binders

  • Notes and forms go home and back to school in the front pocket.

  • In the front, you will find very important info inside of page protectors.

  • The agenda is behind the info pages.

  • Do not remove things from the rings in the binder. They stay there all year.

  • STRIPE Binder/Agenda needs to be checked daily.



  • Most important communication tool between school and home.

  • Need to be brought to school everyday in the STRIPE Binder

  • Have to be checked and initialed by a parent everyday

  • Parents can write brief notes in this if needed.

  • If I need to write a detailed note regarding behavior or other concerns, this is where I will write it.

Monthly newsletter

Monthly Newsletter

  • Can be found in the front of the STAR Book in a page protector

  • Shows what curriculum we are covering and other important information for the month

  • New one each month

  • September newsletter will be sent home next Tuesday.



  • Goes home on Mondays in GREEN WORK folder which is in the STRIPE binder. HW sheet should stay in green folder so it doesn’t get lost.

  • Only the main HW sheet filled out with parent initials needs to be turned in on FRIDAY.

  • Homework includes various reading and math work each week. Students should also be reading a minimum of 15 minutes each night and recording on their reading log.

Homework cont

Homework Cont.

  • Homework should be checked for neatness, correctness and completion by a parent.

  • Is not graded but is essential for success. Students who do not turn in HW each Friday will do make-up work during Fun Friday.

  • If your child struggles with a concept, please send me a note, email or write it on the homework so that I can offer one on one/small group assistance.

How to send things to the teacher

How to send things to the teacher…

  • Absence notes, long notes to the teacher, forms and lunch money need to be put in the front pocket of the STRIPE Binder so I can find them in one place.

  • Lunch money should be put in an envelope or Ziploc bag and be marked with your child’s name before being put in the pocket of the STRIPE Binder.

Curriculum and grades

Curriculum and Grades

How do we get the grades? What do we use for tests?

Reading- Students will be tested on the Story of the Week bi-weekly. This test focuses on comprehension, the focus skill of the week, phonics and high frequency word sentences and sometimes grammar.

Cold Reads – These are done every other week. Students will read an unfamiliar story and answer comprehension questions.

High Freq. Words – Students will be graded on reading their high frequency words. List of words will grow each week as new words are learned.

Math-End of the chapter tests and other quizzes. Also includes Fact Fluency quizzes.

Language Arts-Weekly spelling test, sentence writing tests.

Various assignment grades may be taken for a grade as well in all areas.



  • Students will have a How Am I Doing? Behavior chart in the front of their STRIPE Binder. This chart will cover 3 weeks at a time.

  • Students are given 2 warnings to fix a particular behavior.

  • If the behavior is not corrected after 2 warnings, the student will move a behavior stick.

  • The stick moved will depend on the behavior not being followed. The following sticks can be moved:

    • 1. Listening

    • 2. Quiet

    • 3. Off Task

    • 4. Following Directions

    • 5. Hands to Self

    • 6. Working Cooperatively

    • These 6 categories represent the most common rules that students have trouble with.

Behavior continued

Behavior Continued…

At the end of each day, I will fill out each student’s behavior chart. If the student did not move any behavior sticks, that child gets a STAMP!

If a stick was moved, I will write the # of the stick that was moved that day in the box. If you see a # written for that day, please discuss that specific behavior with your child. Please check behavior charts every day. They are in the very front of the STRIPE binder.

Behavior consequences

Behavior Consequences…

  • 5 stamps = Fun Friday & Reward Coupon

  • 4 stamps = Fun Friday

  • 3 stamps or less = Quiet Room for Fun Friday & note or phone call home.

  • Each behavior stick moved = 3 minutes of recess lost for that day.

  • If a child only moves 1 stick, they lose 3 minutes… if they move 3 sticks, they would lose 9 minutes.

  • Stickers and Reward Bingo are given throughout the week for great behavior!

What is fun friday

What is Fun Friday?

  • Fun Friday takes place right after specials every Friday.

  • Students who complete their HW, class work, and have 4 or 5 behavior stamps for the week get to choose a “fun room” to go to: Outside, Indoor Games, Movie.

  • Students who do not complete their HW, or class work or have 3 or less behavior stamps will go to the quiet room to make up work or do extra practice.

Smiley math

Smiley Math

  • Challenging math sheets to enrich math skills

    • Begin later in the year for First Grade

    • Go home every Monday and are due Friday.

    • Students will be rewarded for correct answers and earn points and possibly awards at end of year.

    • Volunteers are needed to grade sheets so let us know if you are interested! 

Subject area journals

Subject Area Journals

  • Students will have 3 journals they will work on all year.

  • Math Journal – This will include various math activities on all 1st grade skills taught. Usually done as a morning work activity then reviewed during math time.

  • Writing Journal – This is where we will practice various writing skills such as punctuation, capitalization, spelling, and types of writing such as narrative.

  • Poetry Journal – Will be done daily. Each day will focus on a different aspect of the Poem of the Week. Will come home on FRIDAY. Please have your child read the poems to you to help their fluency. Be sure to send poetry journals back on Monday so that we can start our new poem of the week.

Read believe and achieve superintendent s reading award

Read, Believe, and Achieve Superintendent’s Reading Award

  • Program that encourages students to read

  • Provides an opportunity for reading practice

  • There will be a reading log for each of the first three nine weeks.

  • The log must be signed by a parent and turned in on time.

  • Students who turn in the logs for three nine weeks will earn a medal at the end of year award ceremonies.

  • The first reading log is already in your child’s STRIPE binder.

  • When your child reads the story of the week to you, write it on the form. If your child reads another story to you, write it on the form. Record ANY reading that your child does on this reading log!

  • Reading is a nightly homework requirement. If the homework is being completed, you should be able to fill up the reading logs very quickly. 

Raz kids

RAZ Kids

  • Used to practice and test independent reading skills

  • Books are leveled by reading ability

  • Students can read the book at home and/or at school

  • Test is taken in class to focus on comprehension

  • We use this program in place of Accelerated Reader (AR)

  • Students use this resource in the mornings and during reading centers. I highly encourage you to let your child go on at home as well.

Contacting me

Contacting Me

  • I highly prefer communicating via email simply because I can respond much quicker as well as during the evenings and on the weekends.

  • My email address is

  • If you do not wish to communicate via email, please send in a note in the STRIPE binder or agenda.

  • You may also call the school (352.242.0313) however I will not be able to return your phone call until the end of the day.



  • I require at least 48 hours advance notice to schedule conferences.

  • I am generally available for conferences on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons from 3:15 to 4:00.

  • I can meet other times if advance notice is given.

  • I will be holding conferences with ALL parents at the end of the 1st 9 weeks.

Remind 101

Remind 101

  • Free text message service where I can send out important reminders and/or information that is meant for the entire class.

  • No phone #s will be shared with me or other individuals – it is completely anonymous.

  • If you want to join, do this:

  • 1. Send a text message to (339) 298-4442

  • 2. With the message @6p7

  • If you want to learn more, visit for details.

Scholastic book club

Scholastic Book Club

  • Parent info letter is in your parent handout folder  includes info. on how to sign up so you can order online.

  • The September flier is in your parent handout folder.

  • Orders are due by September 28th – Online or send in.

  • Every book order earns a $3 coupon so that we get free books for the classroom.

  • Every ONLINE parent order earns YOU a free $5 coupon to use on your next book order.

  • Scholastic Book Club fliers will be sent home monthly.

Success in 1 st grade

Success in 1st Grade

  • It takes parents, teachers and students working together

  • Communicate frequently using the student agendas and/or email.

  • Check STRIPE binders daily for any important forms, notes, and behavior reports.

  • All homework should be completed and checked by a parent.

  • Read monthly newsletters/calendars.

  • Review completed and graded work sent home on Fridays in the RED folder in STRIPE binder.

  • Read every night.

  • Have consequences at home for inappropriate behavior.

Class expectations

Class Expectations

  • Be responsible for yourself and your stuff

  • Bring needed materials and homework

  • Follow verbal and written directions

  • Stay on task

  • Always do your best

  • Be kind to others

    Have a great year!

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