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SLDS 101. Dr. Cory J. Steiner, Data Steward Mandan Public School District April 28 th , 2014. Agenda. Part I Introduction to the SLDS Part II Tips and Tricks Logging in Part III AdvancED Reports Part IV District Reports Part V Teacher Reports Part VI Postsecondary Reports

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slds 101

SLDS 101

Dr. Cory J. Steiner, Data Steward

Mandan Public School District

April 28th, 2014

  • Part I
    • Introduction to the SLDS
  • Part II
    • Tips and Tricks
    • Logging in
  • Part III
    • AdvancED Reports
  • Part IV
    • District Reports
  • Part V
    • Teacher Reports
  • Part VI
    • Postsecondary Reports
  • Part VII
    • Conclusion
  • Listen
  • Learn
  • Share
  • Stay Engaged
  • The focus must be on moving from good to great
    • Get a little better every day
        • It is about correction…and then…continuous improvement
  • Stockdale Paradox
    • ‘Retain faith that you will prevail in the end, regardless of the difficulties and at the same time confront the most brutal facts of your current reality whatever they might be’

Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap and Others Don\'t (Collins, 2001)

the data movement
The ‘Data’ Movement
  • Data is not new…the focus on data is new
  • We have been using data to inform practice throughout educational history
    • Observations
    • Grades
  • This is simply an additional input
  • WIN (What’s Important Now)
      • What is the ‘WIN’ in your organization?
        • The answer has to be…
          • STUDENTS
what is a data warehouse
What is a Data Warehouse?
  • Logical and strategic ordering and storage of data in central area
  • System consists of a statewide data warehouse that allows program evaluation over single or multiple years
  • Integrates data from several state agencies
  • In other words:
    • Cumulative file is now electronic
    • School improvement binder is now electronic
north dakota statewide longitudinal data system slds
North Dakota Statewide Longitudinal Data System (SLDS)
  • SLDS is a cooperative project between:
    • Information Technology Department (ITD)
    • Department of Public Instruction(DPI)
    • North Dakota University System (NDUS)
    • Department of Commerce
    • Department of Career and Technical Education
    • Job Service of North Dakota
    • Education Technology Council (ETC)
    • Department of Health
    • Department of Human Services
  • Elements for education (K-12 and higher education), training, and employment programs
    • For K-12, provides data for:
      • Program evaluation
      • Student evaluation
      • Student programming (next day availability)
tool for analyzing data
Tool for Analyzing Data
  • How are we doing?
    • Compared to SelfGrade Level, Sub Groups, Trends
    • 2. Compared to Others
    • National, State, Similar Schools
    • Compared to Absolutes
    • Standards, Cut Scores, Scale Scores, Readiness
    • Michael Fullan
analyzing data
Analyzing Data
  • -Creating Information and Avoiding DRIP
  • (Data Rich Information Poor)
  • -So What, Now What
    • Drill Down
    • Go Visual
    • Export
slds sections
SLDS Sections
  • District
  • School
  • Teacher
  • Student
  • Postsecondary Feedback
tips and tricks
Tips and Tricks
  • Use Internet Explorer or Firefox
  • Avoid Chrome and Safari
  • DON’T click on main ‘browser’ arrows
  • Click on small blue arrows ‘within’ page
    • Small blue arrow takes you back one page
  • If parameters don’t show up, click on arrow to close section and then reopen
  • To get back to main page, double click on PK-12
  • To export a file, click on ‘actions’ (left side of screen)
let s roll
Let’s Roll
  • Enter log and password (right side of screen) as K-12 user
  • DISREGARD ‘user’ settings message (in yellow)
  • Double click on PK-12
advanced reports
AdvancED Reports
  • Assessment Inventory
  • School Snapshot
  • School Profile
  • NDSA Assessment Trend
  • ACT Summary
  • District Assessment Summary
  • Student Directory
    • Academic Dashboard has the key achievement data detail
      • Assessment
        • Click on ‘more’ for detail
assessment inventory report
Assessment Inventory Report
  • Purpose: List all assessments that are currently available in SLDS
school snapshot
School Snapshot
  • Purpose: Displays key school information including:
    • Administration
    • Enrollment
      • Campus Population by Grade Level
      • Student Demographics
    • Students by Classification
    • Academic Dashboard
      • Attendance
      • Assessments
      • Grades and Credits
      • College and Career Readiness
school profile report
School Profile Report
  • Purpose: Provides an overview of enrollment, attendance, and NDSA results
ndsa trend report
NDSA Trend Report
  • Purpose: Provides NDSA trend data for a school
act summary report
ACT Summary Report
  • Purpose: Provides an overview of student composite and subject score ACT results Go to:
student directory report
Student Directory Report
  • Purpose: Displays student proficiency details selectable by school year, grade, school, proficiency level, and student demographics
student directory triggers and or conversation starters
Student Directory: Triggers and/or Conversation Starters
  • The report contains:
    • Class schedule
    • Grades
    • Assessment scores
    • Program information
    • Attendance
    • College and career readiness
    • Transcripts
district reports
District Reports
  • District Dropout Rate
  • District Graduation Rates
  • District Proficiency Trend
  • District State and National ACT Benchmark
  • District Snapshot
  • District Average Daily Enrollment by Month
teacher reports1
Teacher Reports
  • Teacher Snapshot
  • Teacher Roster Report
    • Click on an individual student name
      • Student Directory Report
  • NWEA Teacher Report
postsecondary feedback
Postsecondary Feedback
  • Public Reporting
  • NDUS Developmental Courses
practical strategies
Practical Strategies
  • Flexible Grouping (Attach a Number)
  • At-Risk Seating
  • 2 x 10 (Mentoring)
    • Best Three Minute Story
next steps continued
Next Steps (continued)
  • Big Schools (Class ‘A’)
    • Acquire logs for administrators, directors/coordinators, and counselors
    • Determine proper ‘rights’ for individuals
    • Individuals access SLDS account to see if it works properly
    • Get formal training on the SLDS
    • Identify next steps for use of SLDS including adding key teachers from individual buildings
final thoughts
Final Thoughts
  • Have a genuine appreciation for the effort and commitment that everyone makes because together, we shall succeed.
      • Casey Bradley, Jacksonville Jaguars Head Coach

Dr. Cory J Steiner

[email protected]

Twitter: @nddatasteward


Phone: 701-893-5087