investment into it industry t systems slovakia 19 10 2010 kosice invest conference
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Investment into IT Industry T-Systems Slovakia 19.10.2010 – Kosice Invest Conference

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Investment into IT Industry T-Systems Slovakia 19.10.2010 Kosice Invest Conference - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Investment into IT Industry T-Systems Slovakia 19.10.2010 – Kosice Invest Conference. Marian T óth Head of CSS Infrastructure Operations T-Systems Slovakia s.r.o . T-Systems International Business U nit of Deutsche Telekom Group.

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investment into it industry t systems slovakia 19 10 2010 kosice invest conference

Investment into IT Industry T-Systems Slovakia 19.10.2010 – Kosice Invest Conference

Marian TóthHead of CSS Infrastructure OperationsT-Systems Slovakia s.r.o.

t systems international business u nit of deutsche telekom group
T-Systems InternationalBusiness Unit of Deutsche Telekom Group
  • Deutsche Telekom is one of the world\'s leading service companies in the telecommunications industry.
  • Our strengths: The Group provides products and services for the fixed network, mobile communications, the Internet and IPTV for consumers, and ICT solutions for business customers and corporate customers.
  • In 2009, Deutsche Telekom reported revenue of EUR 64.6 billion, of which more than half was generated outside of Germany. Adjusted EBITDA totaled EUR 20.7 billion and free cash flow EUR 7 billion.
  • At June 30, 2010, the total headcount stood at about 251,000

Kosice Invest // M.Toth, T-Systems Slovakia

t systems international global presence and worldwide delivery capability
T-Systems InternationalGlobal presence and worldwide delivery capability


Rest of world

  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Czech Republic
  • Denmark
  • France
  • Germany
  • Hungary
  • Italy
  • Luxembourg
  • Netherlands
  • Poland
  • Russia
  • Slovakia
  • Spain/Portugal
  • Switzerland
  • Turkey
  • United Kingdom
  • Argentina
  • Brazil
  • Canada
  • China
  • Hong Kong
  • Japan
  • Malaysia
  • Mexico
  • Singapore
  • South Africa
  • United States

Kosice Invest // M.Toth, T-Systems Slovakia

T-Systems International – facts and figuresUnique combination of ICT (Information & CommunicationTechnology)
  • Provision of ITC services for corporate customers
  • No. 1 in Germany in the telecoms and IT sector
  • European market leader in the automotive sector
  • Around 45,000 employees worldwide



  • Total revenue: around EUR 9.2 billion in 2009
  • EBITDA : around EUR 590 million in 2009
  • Systems integration alliance with IT service provider, Cognizant
  • Global hosting and storage services mega deals with many global or international corporations
  • Strategic ICT partnership with Airbus (EADS)
  • Major deal with MAN: International operation of data centers and networks


  • 400 corporate customers and multinational groups, as well as the public sector and the healthcare industry
  • More than 50,000 server units in operation
  • Management of more than 1.5 million workstations
  • More than 1.5 million SAP users

Customers/partners – facts

Kosice Invest // M.Toth, T-Systems Slovakia

t systems slovakia s r o facts figures 1 2
T-Systems Slovakia, s.r.o.Facts & Figures 1/2
  • T-Systems Slovakia s.r.o. was founded in January 2006 as subsidiary of T-Systems International GmbH
  • delivers innovative technologies and in-depth industry knowledge to customers in over 20 countries
  • The special fields of T-Systems Slovakia include the support of Windows , Unix/Linux, Storage, NW , SAP, Middleware SW and customer applications
  • operates 24/7 service ensuring support for customer ICT infrastructure and applications throughout all of the world.
  • First employees started to work in T-Systems Slovakia in February 2006
  • Today T-Systems Slovakia has got over 2000 employees

Kosice Invest // M.Toth, T-Systems Slovakia

t systems international t systems slovakia biggest ict provider in europe
T-Systems International & T-Systems SlovakiaBiggest ICT provider in Europe

T-Systems Slovakia

Over 2000 employees

The company was formally established

684 employees

We reached 1000 employees

259 employees

28th January 2006





  • Competence areas
  • OSS (Unix, Linux, Windows, Data, Virtualization)
  • SAP Basis
  • 24/7 Monitoring support
  • Engineering, Project management, QM
  • Storage and data solutions
  • NW (VoIP, Security, Managed LAN, Load balancing, …)
  • Non-SAP Applications (Middleware, DB, …)
  • 8/5 2nd and 3rd level support with 24/7 on-call duty

Kosice Invest // M.Toth, T-Systems Slovakia

t systems slovakia challenges

Lack of ICT specialists

Brain drain after T-Systems came to Kosice

Universities not producing enough ICT graduates …


Actively building partnership with academic institutions and Seeking for win-win-win cooperation for sustainable development.

Developing own ICT specialists through targeted and intensive education.

IT Academy design and implementation; a common program of Technical university, University P.J.Š. and T–Systems

T-Systems SlovakiaChallenges

Kosice Invest // M.Toth, T-Systems Slovakia

t systems slovakia it academy the beginning of new approach

After evaluating ICT labor market possibilities and hidden potential in non-ICT students, we developed a system of qualification projects.

Target group are people without formal ICT qualification, but interest and potential to learn.

Concept was developed in partnership with universities.

T-Systems SlovakiaIT Academy: The beginning of new approach


IT Academy

  • IT Farm
  • Intensive 3-month program
  • Organized internally
  • Participants are employed by T-Systems
  • Content is basic preparation for later specialization
  • Summer UniversITy
  • Public summer project
  • For older students
  • First “checking of potential”
  • Evening UniversITy
  • Public project
  • For students
  • During school year

Kosice Invest // M.Toth, T-Systems Slovakia

t systems slovakia t systems education academy
T-Systems Slovakia T-Systems Education Academy

Kosice Invest // M.Toth, T-Systems Slovakia

Credited ICT courses defined by TSSK, offered to students of all TUKE faculties and other Universities


  • To move ICT education where it belongs: from “industrial” to “academic soil”
  • To contribute to the fulfillment of commitments and vision of Kosice IT Valley
  • To improve the quality of educational programs at Kosice Universities
  • To offer education required and needed by TSSK and ICT industry
  • To improve the ICT labor market flexibility
  • To expand the ICT labor market pool of candidates
  • To shorten education period in TSSK and to shorten time to go productive
tssk ict specialists development it academy solving labor market gap
TSSK - ICT Specialists developmentIT-Academy: solving labor market gap

Kosice Invest // M.Toth, T-Systems Slovakia

Intensive (re-)qualification program

Designed in 2006 and successfully running till today

Basic and advanced ICT preparation, fundament for later specialization

More than 700 FTEs hired through IT-Academy; additionally more than 300 students participated and are prepared for ICT labor market

Significant contribution to University curricula, aiming for T-Systems Slovakia long-term sustainability

Received HR Gold award from Slovak HR Association in 2008 (Project of the year)

Successfully replicated to Hungary and strong inspiration also for Malaysian sister companies

t systems slovakia facilities our new offices in cbc i cassovar business centre
T-Systems Slovakia facilitiesOur new offices in CBC I (Cassovar Business Centre)

Kosice Invest // M.Toth, T-Systems Slovakia

t systems slovakia facilities our future offices in cbc ii 2012
T-Systems Slovakia facilitiesOur future offices in CBC II  2012



Kosice Invest // M.Toth, T-Systems Slovakia

t systems slovakia corporate social responsibility
T-Systems SlovakiaCorporate Social Responsibility
  • Deutsche Telekom commits itself to responsible conduct in terms of sustainability and strives to achieve a lasting balance between the financial, social and ecological impacts of its activities.
  • Deutsche Telekom actively promotes sustainable development of the economy and society. Deutsche Telekom has a particular responsibility as society places higher expectations on it than on its competitors.
  • The Group has committed itself to incorporating every aspect of sustainability into its corporate activities. Sustainable and responsible action is being embedded within the organization and implemented across the Group using binding regulations.
  • The company seeks active and intensive dialog with its stakeholders and conducts such dialogs openly and transparently.

Kosice Invest // M.Toth, T-Systems Slovakia

t systems slovakia corporate social responsibility14
T-Systems SlovakiaCorporate Social Responsibility
  • Strongsupport of overal ICT education in Košice at universities.
  • Strongsupport of Košice IT Valley initiative and itsgoal to promote and develop ICT industry in theregion.
  • Intensiveeducation of employees and managersandbringingthem to higher maturity level.
  • OurGuidingPrinciples are givingstrongplatform for ouremployees to becometrue social responsible citizens.

Kosice Invest // M.Toth, T-Systems Slovakia

t systems slovakia lessons learned
T-Systems SlovakiaLessons Learned….
  • 2000 new jobs created in Košice within less than5 years and still growing.
  • Strong contribution to developing ICT industry in the region.
  • Strong promotion of Košice as the ICT industry tower in Slovakia and Central and Eastern Europe.
  • Strong support of the ICT education in the region.
  • Significant contribution to the overall GDP of the region.
  • Unique Collaboration Model with Universities.

….Košice, THE Place for ICT Investors

Kosice Invest // M.Toth, T-Systems Slovakia


T-Systems Vision &Mission

Our Vision

Our Mission

T–Systems Slovakia delivers high quality& innovative ICT services to customers

T -Systems Slovakia isTHE Partner for 1st Class ICT Services

International cooperation

Value new ideas

Development of employees

Respect and open communication



Kosice Invest // M.Toth, T-Systems Slovakia