6lowpan nd optimization draft update
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Samita Chakrabarti [email protected] Erik Nordmark [email protected] IETF 69, 2007 draft-chakrabarti-6lowpan-ipv6-nd-03.txt. 6lowpan ND Optimization draft Update. Document History. The draft has been around since 2006 Several modifications based on wg comments

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6lowpan nd optimization draft update

Samita Chakrabarti

[email protected]

Erik Nordmark

[email protected]

IETF 69, 2007


6lowpan ND Optimization draft Update

Document history
Document History

  • The draft has been around since 2006

  • Several modifications based on wg comments

  • Several presentations were made at the IETF working group meetings.

  • Version 03 is the latest

6lowpan ipv6 nd background
6Lowpan IPv6 ND Background

  • The solution handles prefix assignment and assumes one IPv6 router per 6lowpan network

  • Main Goals for optimization

    • Reduce or avoid DAD in 6lowpan network

    • Minimize multicast messages in RA, RS, NS and reduce un-needed unicast messages (NUD)‏

  • Captures basic 6lowpan network topologies and components based on interim wg comments

  • Many optimizations in this solution are applicable to non-multicast or non-broadcast network in general

Simple Star Topology

  • Assume IP link (~subnet) has one PAN coordinator

  • Assume one 6lowpan is one PAN ID

  • Assume the coordinator's unicast address is known from joining the PAN

L2 Mesh Topology Support

  • Assume one PAN coordinator per 6lowpan link

  • Assume each coordinator has a parent coordinator

  • Allows a unicast-only path to PAN coordinator

    • Can send packets to “all-routers” MC using this

Recent changes
Recent Changes

  • Added text on Security section

  • The threat level of a 6lowpan IPv6 router is a bit higher because the end-nodes are battery powered.

  • A need for authenticated RA and NA: IPv6 router is the central point for address resolution.

  • Due to reduced processing power of the end-nodes, it is assumed that SEND protocol may not be directly applicable in 6lowpan ND. For example, RSA keys are too large for such small devices. Perhaps ECC instead of RSA algorithm.

  • Senders of neighbor solicitations should use SEND nonce option to match the response.

  • Limited 6lowpan ND security along with applied 802.15.4 level security may be sufficient in most situations

Bootstrapping information in this draft
Bootstrapping Information in this draft?

Bootstrapping requirements

  • Assignment of IPv6 prefix

  • Finding out IPv6 router, co-ordinator’s L2 addresses

  • Finding out 6lowpan service information?

  • Any mechanism for access key and subsequent key derivation for secure ND and data transfer

  • Anything else?

Next revision
Next Revision

To Do:

Handle short addresses ?

Handling bootstrapping information?

More investigation on secure 6lowpan ND ?

Next step
Next Step

Should this draft be published as a working group item ?

Should this draft be written as a generic ND solution for non-broadcast and non-multicast network with an addendum for 6lowpan networks?