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Spectrum’s mission is to provide quality Membrane Separations Technology to the Life Science market. Tangential Flow Filtration Solutions. Tangential Flow Filtration Shanghai, Oct. 26, 2011. Yingqing Huang, General Manager for Greater China. Overview. Introduction to TFF Applications

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Tangential Flow Filtration Solutions

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Tangential flow filtration solutions

Spectrum’s mission is toprovide quality Membrane Separations Technology to the Life Science market

Tangential flow filtration solutions

Tangential Flow Filtration Solutions

Tangential Flow Filtration

Shanghai, Oct. 26, 2011

Yingqing Huang, General Manager for Greater China

Tangential flow filtration solutions


  • Introduction to TFF

  • Applications

  • Challenges

  • Our Offerings

    • Membranes, mPES,

    • System, KRIIi

    • Single Use Technology

  • Designed for Scalability

  • Summary

Tangential flow filtration solutions

Hollow Fiber TFF

  • Effective Reduction of Membrane Fouling

  • Tubular Membrane Geometry

  • Large Surface Area in a Compact Size

  • Gentle Separations with

  • Relatively Low Pressure

  • Available in UF and MF pore size ranges

  • Directly Scalable by

  • Increasing Number of Fibers

Tangential flow filtration solutions


  • Alternatives to centrifugation, depth filtration, etc.

  • Separation

  • Purification

  • Sterilization

  • Buffer exchange

  • Concentration

Tangential flow filtration solutions


Tangential flow filtration solutions


  • Membrane fouling

  • Pressure, flow, TMP, recirculation

  • System configuration

  • Interactions of parameters

  • Scale up loopholes

Permeate Flow

Operation Time

Tangential flow filtration solutions

Our Offerings

  • Wide range of membrane selections to meet diversified applications

    • Materials, SA, Pore size, Geometry, etc.

  • Systems for both R&D and productions

  • Pre-assembled Membrane, Bags, and Tubing packages to improve your efficiencies

  • Direct tech support from application experts

Tangential flow filtration solutions

Spectrum Hollow Fiber Modules

  • Broadest Range of MWCO’s (1kD through 0.65 µm)

  • Membrane Types = PS, mPES, ME, RC, PP

  • Small Scale = MicroKros (5 cm2)

  • Large Scale = KrosFlo Max module (22 m2)

  • Sterile, Non-Sterile

Tangential flow filtration solutions

Benefits of mPES Membranes



  • Hydrophilic membrane

  • Low protein binding

  • & slow fouling

  • High selectivity

  • High permeability

  • Easier R & D

  • Stable operations

  • High performance

  • Cost effective

Tangential flow filtration solutions

KRIIi makes R&D Easier

  • Provides all necessary components for your study

  • Automated TMP control

  • Real time data collection and graphic analysis

  • Small footprint

  • Provide solid data for scale up

  • Ideal for R&D and low volume production

Tangential flow filtration solutions

Process data exports directly into MS Excel in real time

Calculated feed flow rate , shear, TMP, etc.

Customizable alarm setting for process safety

Pressure control with non-invasive valves

Real-time graphing (virtual recording)

Make the most of your experiment

Recorded data for analysis

KF Comm Data Collection System

Tangential flow filtration solutions

MBT Assemblies

Permeate Flow Meter

Pressure Transmitter

Tangential flow filtration solutions

MBT Assemblies

  • Reduce your setup or preparation time

  • Reduce process variability

  • Reduce your logistics burden

  • Improve your efficiencies and productivity

Tangential flow filtration solutions

Designed for Scalability

  • Membrane module sizes

  • Customizable

Tangential flow filtration solutions

Designed for Scalability

  • Complete line of process systems

  • KF Comm Date Collection System generates solid data for scale up

  • Scale up guided by technical sound rationales

KrosFlo Research IIi

KrosFlo MiniKros Pilot

KrosFlo LDF-55

Tangential flow filtration solutions

MBT Systems for different scales

  • Compatible with KFComm data collection systems.

  • Customizable and optimized system setup and configuration for different systems

    • KR2i – Bench Scale

    • KMP – Pilot Scale

    • LDF37 – Production

    • Khameleon Perfusion Systems

Tangential flow filtration solutions


  • Wide selection of membranes including our unique offering of high performance mPES membrane.

  • KRIIi research TFF system make your R&D easier.

  • Single use MBT system improve your efficiency

  • Complete product line and common data collection software ensures smooth transfer for R&D to production.

  • Direct onsite technical service available

  • Competitive price

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