each slide should be printed as a different colour
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Each slide should be printed as a different colour

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Each slide should be printed as a different colour - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Each slide should be printed as a different colour. Ejected cartridge cases would come to rest to the west of the window. Only one was found in this position.

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Ejected cartridge cases would come to rest to the west of the window. Only one was found in this position.

A magazine article on the Manlicher rifle described it as, “crudely made, poorly designed, dangerous and inaccurate.” The gun found in the depository was found to have a faulty telescopic sight and a stiff trigger.

It was reported that there were great quantities of bad ammunition for 6.5mm rifles. In a test on 20 rounds of the bullets used in the Manlciher, 17 were found to be duds.

Extensive tests carried out by the FBI show that it would be impossible for Oswald to have aimed, fired and reloaded the Manlicher in less than 6 seconds. Experts who managed to achieve the correct time rarely hit a stationary target 12 metres away.

One of the motorcycle outriders had his radio transmitting throughout the incident. The recording allowed the gunshot sounds to be identified. Some experts agree 4 shots were fired, others think it was 6.

Neslon Delgade, a former marine collegue of Oswald’s, said “I remember seeing him shooting. It was a pretty big joke because he got a lot of misses, but he didn’t give a darn.”

The evidence of the mototcycle outrider’s recording allowed the timings of the shots to be worked out. The first 2 shots were fired 1.66 seconds apart – too quickly to both come from a Manlicher rifle.


Julie-Ann Mercer saw a man walking towards the grassy knoll in Dealy Plaza with a rifle case 30 minutes before the shooting.

Jean Hill, who was experience in using guns, was sure that she heard 4 or 6 shots. She was also sure they were from different guns.

Mrs Roberts, Oswald’s landlady, said that at 1.00pm, after Oswald had returned home, a police car stopped outside, hooted twice and drove off. Oswald left the house a minute later.

Sheriff Craig saw Oswald and another man leave the depository 15 minutes after the shooting.

Carolyn Arnold spotted Oswald eating lunch at 12.15pm in the cafeteria on the second floor of the depository.

Lee Bowers saw a flash and a puff of smoke from the knoll during the shooting.

Gordon Arnold, a soldier, was standing on the grassy knoll and was so sure a shot came from behind that he ducked.

Ray Williams went to eat his lunch on the sixth floor of the book depository and stayed until 12.20pm. He saw no-one at this time.


Sugeons at the Dallas hospital who treated Kennedy straight after the shooting said the wound at the back of the head was an exit wound.

The autopsy in Washington revealed that the wound in the back of Kennedy’s head was an entry wound.

Kennedy’s body left Dallas in a bronze coffin and arrived in Washinton in a steel one. It was also found that Kennedy’s brain had been removed before his body arrived in Washington – the path of the bullet through the brain would have shown clearly which direction the bullet had come from.


Diagrams of the so called Magic Bullet that hit Kennedy and Connally according to the Warren Report


The Nix film has been enhanced and seems to show a man firing a rifle from the grassy knoll at the motorcade.

The Zapruder film shows the President’s head being forced back. Was this from a shot from the front, or a reflex movement after a shot from the back?