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The allies turn the tide section 17 3
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The Allies Turn the Tide Section 17.3.

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The Allies Turn the Tide Section 17.3

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The allies turn the tide section 17 3

The Allies Turn the TideSection 17.3

  • Germany and Japan wanted to establish total control of the people they conquered to build a “new order.” The Germans robbed occupied lands of art and resources. Hitler planned to kill all people he thought were “racially inferior.” Nazi racism was aimed mostly at the _____. The Nazis built ___________________ or detention centers for civilians, where Jews were starved, shot or gassed to death. By 1945, over six ______ Jews had died in what become known as the ____________. Gypsies, Slavs, homosexuals and the mentally ____ were victims, too. _______________ were people who helped the Nazis hunt down the Jews.


concentration camps





The allies turn the tide section 17 3

  • The Japanese were also brutal rulers. The Japanese killed and tortured prisoners. They stole food crops and forced conquered people into slave labor. Under the slogan, “Asia for _______,” it created the Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere. The mission was to help Asians escape western __________ rule.



The allies turn the tide section 17 3




  • After the United States entered the war, the Allied leader met periodically to hammer out their strategy. The Big Three – __________, _________, and ______ – agreed to finish the war in ________ before turning their attention to Asia. All three countries distrusted each other from the outset.


The allies turn the tide section 17 3



  • Up until 1942, it looked like the _____ was winning the war. However, the Allied nations began to wage _____ war. Factories made tanks instead of cars. The Allies rationed good to supply their troops. Women aided in the war effort. They replaced men in jobs, served in the armed forces and joined resistance groups. Even democratic nations limited civil rights during wartime. A fear of spies led the United States to force many ___________ Americans to live in special camps (internment camps).


The allies turn the tide section 17 3





  • By 1942, ______ victories turned the tide of the war. The first turning points came in North ______, _____, and the ______ Union. On June 6, 1944 (D-Day), Allied soldiers landed at __________ in France. They broke through the German lines and freed Paris. By the end of September 1944, all of France was free.


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