Creative r sum techniques for marketing your skills
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Creative Résumé Techniques for Marketing Your Skills - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Creative Résumé Techniques for Marketing Your Skills. Debbie Lashbaugh, CPRW. Think of a résumé as your Photo - Snapshot Present Your Best Image “ Keep everything in focus”. The Résumé package includes a résumé, cover letter, reference sheet and corresponding envelope. Plan your Résumé Layout.

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Think of a r sum as your photo snapshot present your best image keep everything in focus
Think of a résumé as yourPhoto - SnapshotPresent Your Best Image“Keep everything in focus”

The r sum package includes a r sum cover letter reference sheet and corresponding envelope
The Résumé package includes a résumé, cover letter, reference sheet and corresponding envelope.

Plan your r sum layout
Plan your Résumé Layout reference sheet and corresponding envelope.

  • Include the skill words from your local market research

  • Most attention “catching” information should be in the top area

  • Apply Desktop Publishing principles

  • Scanning Techniques used for speed reading

  • Strategy (Chronological, Functional, Combination, Letter Résumé)

    • each style has strengths & weaknesses

    • use the best style to overcome problems

  • Choose paper color & matching envelope

  • Make statements clear, concise and easy to read

Chronological r sum
Chronological Résumé reference sheet and corresponding envelope.


 May raise questions about gaps in employment

 Not open for a job change

 Makes when you did something more important that what you did


 Easiest type of résumé to do because you use reverse order of employment history, starting with present or your last employer

 Most familiar to employers

Functional r sum
Functional Résumé reference sheet and corresponding envelope.


 This style not as familiar to the employer and they may be suspicious, thinking you are hiding something

 May take more time to create because you need the employer “buzz” words and then do self-assessment to prove that you have the job qualifications


 Highlights skills, abilities and accomplishments - notemployer or job duties

 Can combine employers job requirement with your skills and abilities

 Hides employment gaps

 The employer can see how you would “fit” their opening

Combination r sum
Combination Résumé reference sheet and corresponding envelope.


Combines skills and abilities with work history


Could become too long and not focused on the employers job needs

Letter Résumé


Tailored to a specific employer for a specific job opening


Time consuming

Scannable r sum

use white or light colored 8 1/2" by 11" paper printed on one side only

laser printed original if possible

do not fold or staple

use standard font size

avoid parentheses and brackets

don’t condense spacing

use boldface and/or all capital letters for section headings, unless letters touch each other

place name at top of the page on it’s own line

list each phone number on it’s own line

usually need to use nouns as key words e.g. Spanish, marketing, writer

Scannable Résumé

This type of résumé is written to be read by an electronic scanner. It will not look like a résumé written to be read by a Human Resource Manager.

Tips for maximizing hits
Tips for Maximizing “Hits” one side only

  • Describe your experience with concrete words rather than vague descriptions

    • e.g. it is better to use “managed a team of software engineers” rather than “responsible for managing, training…”

  • Be concise and truthful

  • The scanner can handle multiple page resumes and you can add more information than you would for human readers

  • Use industry buzz words or jargon - do not use abbreviations

  • If you have extra space describe your interpersonal traits and attitude. Key words may include skill in time management, dependable, high energy, leadership, good memory

Cover letter
Cover Letter one side only

  •  Use customized stationery(match to résumé)

    •  This demonstrates professionalism

  •  Customize your letter, address it to a specific individual. (Be sure the person’s name is spelled correctly)

  •  If you prefer to use a form letter, use the salutation “Dear Hiring Manager,”

  •  Keep it to one page

  •  Keep it short - 4 to 5 short paragraphs

  • Paragraph organization
    Paragraph organization one side only

    • Spark interest in the first paragraph. Why should they read your letter? What can you do for the employer?

      • Promise a benefit - Identify a need.

        • Sample: In the last 12 months, I’ve generated $40,000 worth of new business for my employer, and now I’d like to do the same for you.

    • Promote your value in the second paragraph.

      • What benefits do you offer?

        • Sample The match between your needs and my talents is ideal. Why? Because….

    • Note specific accomplishments, achievements, and educational experiences that support paragraph two.

    • Instructs the reader of what future action you expect.

      • Ask for an interview or tell the reader that you will be calling.

        • Sample I look forward to hearing from you. My address and telephone numbers are listed above.

    E mail r sum
    E-Mail Résumé one side only

    • Is a text résumé created with the notepad program. It is similar to the scannable résumé. You will not be able to use special formatting.

    • Can be “cut and pasted” from your word processor into your e-mail letter. You can use your word processor’s save as option and choose MS-DOS text.

    • You may not want to send your résumé as an e-mail file attachment, unless the announcement told you to do this.

      • Computer viruses are a common problem and most employers will not open files from unknown sources.

    Make a key words list

    What skills and abilities are listed in the employers job description?

    Are there any other “implied” characteristics?

    Example - self-starter

    Skills that you have and how you acquired these skills.

    What were your major accomplishments…not just your previous job duties.

    Make a ‘Key Words’ list.

    Combine both your skills and the employer’s job skills requirements in your resume.

    Do not include this information

    Personal Information description?

    Club memberships that are not job related

    Marital Status


    Incorrect, inaccurate or misleading information.

    Religious organization membership.

    Age (birthdate)

    Social Security Number

    DO NOT Include This Information!

    Include this information

    Skills description?


    Related training


    vocational technical school

    college courses


    work related seminars

    Certifications or licenses

    Contact Information

    mailing address


    e-mail address

    cell phone - pager

    fax number

    Include This Information

    Review proof read and have other professionals review to check for
    Review - Proof read and have other professionals review to check for:

    • misspelled or incorrect words

    • spacing

    • correct grammar usage

    • punctuation

    • use of the active voice

    Books check for:

    William A. Sabin, The Gregg Reference Manual, McGraw-Hill

    Jay A. Block & Michalel Betrus, 101 Best Resumes, McGraw-Hill, 1997

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    Susan Ireland, The Complete Idiot’s Guide to the Perfect Résumé (Complete Idiot’s Guide),Alpha Books

    Internet resources
    Internet Resources check for:

    Curriculum Vitae Tips

    Résumé tips

    America’s InfoNet

    e-Résumé Writing

    Résumé Tutor -

    Résumé writing for Federal Employment -

    Master Resume Writer's Secrets Revealed -

    Rebecca Smith’s e-résumés & resources -

    Microsoft Office templaters -

    Occupational Outlook Handbook -

    AOL Search -

    Riley Guide -