Cream ce and wms news
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CREAM-CE and WMS news. ALICE TF Meeting 13/11/08. CREAM-CE (I). At this moment we do not have CREAM deployed at any site FZK is facing some installation issues with the latest CREAM version and therefore it is not available there

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Cream ce and wms news

CREAM-CE and WMS news

ALICE TF Meeting


Cream ce i

  • Atthis moment we do not have CREAM deployedatany site

    • FZK isfacingsome installation issues with the latest CREAM version and thereforeitis not availablethere

  • Yestardayduring the GDB meeting therewas a dedicated CREAM discussion

    • Two point to distinguish:

      • Conditions to replace LCG-CE with CREAM-CE

        • The WMS submission must be in place (not atthis moment)

        • The proxy renewal issue must besolved (not atthis moment)

      • Conditions to begin the CREAM-CE testing and deployment

        • Directsubmissiontestingcan go on and sites canbegin to deployit

        • To bedone in an escalatedway

          • T1 sites

          • Key T2 sites

          • The deploymentprocedurewllbefollowedat MB level

Cream ce iii

All thesecriteriawillbediscussed and redefinedafter the meeting

Wms news i
WMS news (I)

  • Last weekwepresented 2 bugs found in WMS and the strategy to solvetheminto ALICE:

In addition remember we explain this several times
In addition, rememberweexplainthisseveral times….

Wms status
WMS status

  • All these changes have been implemented in

    • Testingit in several sites: CERN, Torino, CCIN2P3, SARA, Prague, Legnaro, CNAF, JINR.

    • In addition France and NIKHEF have alreadyprovided WMS for ALICE

    • We have thereforeenough WMS nodes to run the full production