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Luke Skywalker. Actor: Mark HamillLuke plays a major role in the original trilogy as he learns the ways of the Jedi and becomes an important figure in the Rebel Alliance, leading the struggle against the Galactic Empire. As the son of former Jedi Anakin Skywalker, he is heir to a family deeply powe

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Star Wars Power Point Character s Actors

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1. Star Wars Power Point Characters & Actors By James McGill

2. Luke Skywalker Actor: Mark Hamill Luke plays a major role in the original trilogy as he learns the ways of the Jedi and becomes an important figure in the Rebel Alliance, leading the struggle against the Galactic Empire. As the son of former Jedi Anakin Skywalker, he is heir to a family deeply powerful in the Force. In the Expanded Universe, he becomes a powerful Jedi Master and eventually the Grand Master of the New Jedi Order.

3. Princess Leia Organa Actor: Carrie Fisher She is one of the main protagonists of the original Star Wars trilogy. In Return of the Jedi, it is revealed that she is the twin sister of Luke Skywalker, and thus the daughter of Darth Vader. In the Star Wars prequel films, her mother is identified as Padm Amidala.

4. C-3PO Actor: Anthony Daniels C-3PO is a protocol droid designed to serve humans, and boasts that he is fluent "in over six million forms of communication." C-3PO is generally seen with his long-time counterpart, R2-D2, a small, quirky astromech droid. Threepio's main function as a protocol droid is to assist with etiquette, customs, and translation so that meetings of different cultures run smoothly. In his time, C-3PO loyally served over forty masters. He hated adventure and space travel, as they often resulted in him coming out on the wrong end of a fight, losing parts, and having them reattached, sometimes incorrectly. Together with his fellow droid R2, Threepio played a vital and pivotal role in the Galaxy's history, however lowly he thought of himself.

5. R2-D2 Actor: Kenny Baker The original R2-D2 chassis was specially created by Australian firm and was precision made to a high standard with small tolerances. R2-D2 was played by Kenny Baker in five of the six Star Wars films, with many scenes filmed using mechanical and computer-generated imagery (CGI) versions of the character.

6. Han Solo Actor: Harrison Ford Solo is introduced in A New Hope as a roguish spice smuggler who, through a twist of fate, becomes involved in the Rebel Alliance against the evil Galactic Empire. Over the course of this film and its sequels, The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi, Solo becomes a chief figure in the Alliance. Star Wars creator George Lucas describes him as "a loner who realizes the importance of being part of a group and helping for the common good.

7. Chewbacca Actor: Peter Mayhew A towering Wookiee, he is best known as the co-pilot of Han Solo's ship, the Millennium Falcon in the original Star Wars trilogy.

8. Obi-Wan Kenobi Actor: Alec Guinness Obi-Wan first appears in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, seemingly a mysterious hermit. He is revealed as a Jedi Master, who then tutors Luke Skywalker to use the Force. In the Prequel films, he appears as a young Jedi, progressing from apprentice to master.

9. Darth Vader Actor: David Prowse Voice: James Earl Jones In the original trilogy, Vader is depicted as the cunning, brutal head enforcer of the Galactic Empire's rule across the galaxy. Vader serves as the apprentice of Emperor Palpatine, using the dark side of the Force to mercilessly pursue the Jedi and the Rebel Alliance to the ends of the galaxy. The prequel trilogy recounts the heroic rise and tragic fall of Vader's former self, Anakin Skywalker. Anakin was portrayed by Jake Lloyd and Hayden Christensen in the prequel trilogy, while Sebastian Shaw played the role in Return of the Jedi.

10. Jabba the Hutt The character's role in Star Wars is primarily antagonistic. He is a 600-year-old Hutt crime lord and gangster who employs a retinue of criminals, bounty hunters, smugglers, assassins, and bodyguards to operate his criminal empire. Jabba the Hutt's palace on the desert planet Tatooine is a former monastery for a group of mystics known as the B'omarr monks. There he keeps a host of entertainers, slaves, droids, and alien creatures at his disposal. Jabba has a grim sense of humor, a bellicose laugh, an insatiable appetite, and an affinity for gambling, slave girls, and torture.

11. Jawa This species is on average about 1 meter (3 feet) tall, although in Episode IV some much taller Jawas can be seen organizing droids to present them to Owen and Luke, and characterized by their brown robes, glowing yellow eyes, and quickly spoken language. They are almost always seen wearing hoods which completely shadow their faces, leaving only the gleaming yellow eyes visible. In most Jawa clans, half the clan works and lives in the Sandcrawlers while the other family unit dwells in fortresses deep in the desert where the wares that are collected get stored.

12. Storm Trooper Imperial stormtroopers are fictional trained shock troops in the Star Wars universe under command of the Galactic Empire. Imperial Stormtroopers are independent of the Imperial Navy or the Imperial Army chains of command. They have their own command structure, ranking system and support facilities. Imperial Stormtroopers are stationed on Imperial Navy craft and on Imperial Army bases to ensure the loyalty and obedience of their personnel to the Emperor.

13. Grand Moff Tarkin He is one of the chief villains of A New Hope, in which he commands the Death Star. By this time, Tarkin is the imperial governor of the Outland Regions and one of the Emperor's most powerful servants. He is charged, along with Vader, in pursuing and destroying the Rebel Alliance spies who have stolen the battle station's plans. He threatens Princess Leia with the destruction of her home planet of Alderaan if she does not reveal the location of the Rebel base. When she reluctantly confesses, he has the planet destroyed anyway. He later orders the Death Star to attack the base, however Leia directed them to Dantooine, when really the base was on Yavin.

14. Greedo Greedo is a Rodian bounty hunter who was killed by Han Solo in the cantina on Tatooine in A New Hope. Greedo was attempting to extort money out of Solo when he and Solo got into an altercation wherein Greedo was shot.

15. Owen Lars Owen Lars is the son of farmer Cliegg Lars. He is the stepbrother of Anakin Skywalker, and the step-uncle and de-facto foster father of Luke Skywalker. Owen does not approve of the prospect of Luke leaving Tatooine, and so he postpones the time Luke would leave to go to the Academy. He is motivated by the fear that Luke will follow in the footsteps of his father, Anakin. Owen and his wife Beru are killed by Imperial Stormtroopers.

16. Beru Whitesun In A New Hope, she and Owen are murdered by Imperial Stormtroopers. Luke finds their skeletal corpses smoldering near their home upon his arrival.

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