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“ Developing a Service Learning Project that Meets both the Needs of  the Community Partner and Nursing  Student" . Clemson University Service Learning. Presenter: Jackie Gillespie RN, MN, CNE Guests: Dr. Arlene Privette and Hillary Baker. Background. Clemson University and Service Learning

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Presenter: Jackie Gillespie RN, MN, CNE Guests: Dr. Arlene Privette and Hillary Baker

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Presenter jackie gillespie rn mn cne guests dr arlene privette and hillary baker

“Developing a Service Learning Project that Meets both the Needs of  the Community Partner and Nursing  Student" 

Clemson University Service Learning

Presenter: Jackie Gillespie RN, MN, CNE

Guests: Dr. Arlene Privette and Hillary Baker



Clemson University and Service Learning

Clemson University School of Nursing

N415 Community Health Nursing

Clemson university

Clemson University

Clemson University defines service learning as “a form of experiential education that uses community service experiences to enrich academic education.” This teaching process involves students in:

  • identification and analysis of actual community needs

  • providing solutions to meet those needs

  • implementing those solutions.

  • evaluation and impact

    (Clemson University, 2002://

Spirit of service

Spirit of Service

Clemson Nursing students have the “spirit of service” that Clemson University is known for. They are actively involved in assessing, planning and implementing service learning projects each semester. In the process serving others, they discover what it means to provide a community service for hundreds of people, teaching them skills that will equip them to live happier, healthier lives.

N415 community health nursing

N415 Community Health Nursing

The last semester of their senior year, Nursing students take N415 Community Health Nursing and learn to plan service learning projects

N415 service learning

N415 Service Learning

For their service learning project they work as a team to:

  • partner with an organization;

  • study their community and provide a service

  • design, implement and evaluate their service learning project.

N415 service learning project assessment phase

N415 Service Learning ProjectAssessment Phase

  • Goal is to know and understand the community that is home to the population or group with which they are working with to provide a service learning project

  • Data is collected through:

    • Windshield surveys

    • Interviews with community members and organization leaders

    • Meetings with partnering agency

    • Data collection

Assessment phase

Assessment Phase

Assessment Data

  • Oconee Population: 74,273

  • Oconee Hospice House formed in 1989; non-profit entity affiliated with Oconee Medical Center

  • Hospitalizations in Oconee county for Chronic Disease (2010):

  • Hypertension (78); Heart Disease (1,378); Stroke (266); Chronic Lower Respiratory Disease (277); Diabetes (151); All Cancers (241)

Interviews: :

Fire Chief, Jan Oliver

Lila Doyle Director of Nursing, Nancy Farrah

Mayor Dan Alexander

Senior Solutions Administrator

United Way Campaign Manager, Sarah Rankin;

Executive Director of Oconee County Chamber of Commerce, Sandra Jones; Clinical Coordinator Hospice, Debbie Carter,

Bereavement Coordinator, Jeanne Malmgren

N415 service learning project diagnosis and goal phase

N415 Service Learning ProjectDiagnosis and Goal Phase

  • Assessment data is analyzed and a community diagnosis or identified need is established by students and aggregate leaders.

  • *Knowledge Deficit: Palliative Care r/t lack of informative resources and public misconceptions AEB repeat hospitalizations of the chronically ill

N415 service learning project outcome identification phase

N415 Service Learning ProjectOutcome Identification Phase

  • Objectives/ Goals are established for the community diagnosis.

  • Community Partner leaders and students mutually develop measurable, realistic, and aggregate focused goals.

N415 service learning project planning phase

N415 Service Learning ProjectPlanning Phase

  • Partnering agency and students will plan an appropriate interventions and steps to meet objectives.

  • Systematically establish roles and responsibilities of students and partnering organization.

  • Students need to submit a written plan for review to partnering organization

N415 service learning project planning phase1

N415 Service Learning ProjectPlanning Phase

  • Collaborated with staff at Oconee Hospice of the Foothills to promote their new palliative care program

  • Researched information on palliative care and combined with current information from Hospice

  • Set dates for research, compiling information, constructing posters, power point, and brochures, and presentations in the community

N415 service learning project implementation phase

N415 Service Learning ProjectImplementation Phase

  • Service Learning Project is carried out in accordance with written plan.

Implementation phase

Implementation Phase

Created material for Oconee Hospice of the Foothills :

  • power point presentation

  • Brochures

  • three tri-fold boards

    Set up tri-fold boards at Oconee Medical Center and Lila-Doyle; interacted with employees and members of the community about the palliative care program; distributed brochures

N415 service learning project evaluation and permanence phase

N415 Service Learning ProjectEvaluation and Permanence Phase

  • Partnering agency, students and recipients evaluate the Service Learning Project’s achievement of objectives.

  • Assure tools in place to provide continuation

  • Recommendations for future projects made.

Projects in local and international communities

Projects in Local and International Communities

There are many sites that contact the School of Nursing to request service learning projects for their agency.

Partnerships and projects

Partnerships and Projects

Selection of Agencies that support students learning through service learning projects.

  • Walhalla Middle and High School

  • West Oak Middle and High School

  • Centerville Elementary

  • Anderson Christian School

  • Foothills Crisis Pregnancy Center

  • National Health Care Professional Groups

  • International – Guatemala, Ecuador, Bahamas

Student projects

Student Projects

  • Walking Club

  • Drug Education

  • Prom Safety

  • At-Risk High School Students

    • Time Management

    • Goal Setting

    • Attendance/Attitude

  • Hygiene for Middle Schoolers

  • Reproductive Health

Todays discussion

Todays Discussion

A group of 9 Senior Nursing Students Partnered with Oconee Medical Center Hospice of the Foothills to provide a service learning project for Hospice and Dr Arlene Privette, PI Coordinator and Staff Educator will share how agencies and students can help each other and N415 Senior Nursing Student , Hillary Baker worked with a group that worked at West Oak High and she will share the student perspective on service learning.

Tips for planning a service learning project

Tips for Planning a Service Learning Project

  • Partner with an agency/community that has a need and wants your help

  • Be a presence in the agency/community on a long-term basis, not just for a short time

  • Line up course requirements

    with the service project

  • HAVE FUN !

A special thank you

A Special Thank You!

  • To Wonderful Partnering Agencies Like Hospice of the Foothills

  • To Fabulous CU Nursing Students

  • To Service Learning Alliance that supports Service Learning.

Stain Glass Window at OMC Hospice of Foothills/ Cottingham House

Presenter jackie gillespie rn mn cne guests dr arlene privette and hillary baker

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