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Rcot the americas
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RCOT: The Americas. Mesoamerica: Olmec. Mesoamerica: Teotihuacan. Chinampas in Teotihuacan: floating gardens How were chinampas developed? What were they used for?. Mesoamerica: Maya. MAYAN ARCHITECTURE: TEMPLE AT PALENQUE.

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RCOT: The Americas

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Rcot the americas

RCOT: The Americas

Mesoamerica olmec

Mesoamerica: Olmec

Mesoamerica teotihuacan

Mesoamerica: Teotihuacan

Chinampas in teotihuacan floating gardens how were chinampas developed what were they used for

Chinampas in Teotihuacan: floating gardensHow were chinampas developed? What were they used for?

Mesoamerica maya

Mesoamerica: Maya

Mayan architecture temple at palenque


Rcot the americas

MAYAN ASTRONOMY. Left: The jaguars represent north, south, east, and west. The Maya believed the earth was flat and that the jaguars held up the sky. Right: Mayan sun god stone carving.

Mayan glyphs which other great civilization used hieroglyphics and constructed pyramids

MAYAN GLYPHS. Which other great civilizationused hieroglyphics and constructed pyramids?



Rcot the americas

MESOAMERICA: AZTEC EMPIREChronological memory device: Ol’ Teo’ Ma’ Tol’ Az [Olteomatolaz] = Olmec, Teotihuacan, Maya, Toltec, Aztec

Rcot the americas

AZTEC ARCHITECTUREPyramid construction was the greatest technological achievement of Aztec civilization. What was the utilitarian value of pyramids? (How were they used?)

Rcot the americas

ANDEAN CIVILIZATIONS: Inca.Describe the role of the ayllu. Describe the mit’a system. How were messages carried quickly from Cuzco ,the capital, to other towns and cities?

Rcot the americas

INCA ARCHITECTURE:MACHU PICCHUName four Andean civilizations that existed before the Inca.See chapter 12 in your text.

Inca khipu record keeping used to keep inventory create a census keep records

Inca Khipu: record keepingused to keep inventory, create a census, keep records

Rcot the americas

Conquistadors: Cortez--Aztecs--Mexico; Pizarro--Incas--PeruIn your notes, define encomiendaand the mit’a system; draw the hierarchy.

Colonial latin america 1800


Latin american independence


Simon bolivar the liberator latin american nationalism

SIMON BOLIVAR: The LiberatorLatin American Nationalism

Ancient north america cahokia mound builders mississippian cities

ANCIENT NORTH AMERICA:Cahokia Mound Builders & Mississippian Cities

Ancient north america adena hopewell


Anasazi mesa verde cliff dwelling

Anasazi: Mesa Verde Cliff Dwelling

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