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RCOT: The Americas. Mesoamerica: Olmec. Mesoamerica: Teotihuacan. Chinampas in Teotihuacan: floating gardens How were chinampas developed? What were they used for?. Mesoamerica: Maya. MAYAN ARCHITECTURE: TEMPLE AT PALENQUE.

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Chinampas in teotihuacan floating gardens how were chinampas developed what were they used for
Chinampas in Teotihuacan: floating gardensHow were chinampas developed? What were they used for?

MAYAN ASTRONOMY. Left: The jaguars represent north, south, east, and west. The Maya believed the earth was flat and that the jaguars held up the sky. Right: Mayan sun god stone carving.

Mayan glyphs which other great civilization used hieroglyphics and constructed pyramids
MAYAN GLYPHS. Which other great civilizationused hieroglyphics and constructed pyramids?

MESOAMERICA: AZTEC EMPIREChronological memory device: Ol’ Teo’ Ma’ Tol’ Az [Olteomatolaz] = Olmec, Teotihuacan, Maya, Toltec, Aztec

AZTEC ARCHITECTUREPyramid construction was the greatest technological achievement of Aztec civilization. What was the utilitarian value of pyramids? (How were they used?)

ANDEAN CIVILIZATIONS: Inca.Describe the role of the ayllu. Describe the mit’a system. How were messages carried quickly from Cuzco ,the capital, to other towns and cities?

INCA ARCHITECTURE:MACHU PICCHUName four Andean civilizations that existed before the Inca.See chapter 12 in your text.

Inca khipu record keeping used to keep inventory create a census keep records
Inca Khipu: record keepingused to keep inventory, create a census, keep records

Conquistadors: Cortez--Aztecs--Mexico; Pizarro--Incas--PeruIn your notes, define encomiendaand the mit’a system; draw the hierarchy.

Simon bolivar the liberator latin american nationalism
SIMON BOLIVAR: The LiberatorLatin American Nationalism

Ancient north america cahokia mound builders mississippian cities
ANCIENT NORTH AMERICA:Cahokia Mound Builders & Mississippian Cities

Ancient north america adena hopewell

Anasazi mesa verde cliff dwelling
Anasazi: Mesa Verde Cliff Dwelling