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Collective Bargaining 2013

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Collective Bargaining 2013 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Where have we been and where we are going…. Collective Bargaining 2013. MDCPS Opening Offer. 58 Step Monstrosity of a teacher schedule No Step movement ever No increases in pay $41 million increase in healthcare costs $0 for ESP’s

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Presentation Transcript
mdcps opening offer
MDCPS Opening Offer
  • 58 Step Monstrosity of a teacher schedule
    • No Step movement ever
    • No increases in pay
    • $41 million increase in healthcare costs
  • $0 for ESP’s
  • Adopt SB-736 language regarding Lay-off for teachers being strictly based on IPEGs ratings with no consideration of an employee’s contributions to the district
bargaining continued
Bargaining Continued
  • 11 more bargaining sessions
  • Increased public appearances of UTD
    • Bargaining Town Halls
    • Member Happy hours
  • Increased public appearances of UTD Officers
    • Community events
    • Political events
  • Community Organization
  • MEGAfest
  • Radio Show
collective bargaining 2013
Collective Bargaining 2013
    • Step Movement and Schedule Improvement
        • $70 Million Increase in pay to UTD bargaining Unit
        • Teacher Starting Pay of $40,500
        • Teacher Top Pay of $70,325
    • 2.3% increase in pay and a bonus for ESP’s
    • Kept a healthcare option with $0 premium for employee coverage
    • Eligibility for the RTTT distribution will include all teachers with an evaluation, including those who have never before shared in the RTTT funding.
    • Healthcare Bands frozen again
collective bargaining 20131
Collective Bargaining 2013
    • Every teacher will receive at least the value of the expected step increase for the 2013-2014 year.
    • Bargaining Unit members will have a choice of 3 healthcare plans, an opt-out provision, debit cards for flexible spending accounts and group term life insurance.
    • Open enrollment will be scheduled immediately and new selections will be effective 1/1/2014.
      • Employees will likely be able to compare healthcare options with their spouses for the first time in years.
    • New leave of absence provisions will become a permanent part of the contract to allow additional teachers to take a leave without losing their Annual, Professional Service or Continuing Contracts.
collective bargaining 20132
Collective Bargaining 2013
    • Race to the Top
      • The grant is coming to an end.
      • $20 million is going to be spent this year
      • The pool of eligible employees is finally increased to include every teacher
      • Based on the IPEGS summative evaluation
      • Effective and Highly Effective are eligible
      • Teachers can expect in the area of $1000.
collective bargaining 20133
Collective Bargaining 2013
    • SB-736 was passed in 2011
      • It was the first bill signed by Governor Scott
      • It was sponsored by a South Florida Legislator
    • We are bound by law to change our contract to comply with SB-736
    • The Law required that we change the Lay-off portions of our contract
      • Many of the changes that you find in the ratification materials are there because of technical changes we must make rather than substantive changes
    • The language we have negotiated where the changes are substantive provides significant protections above the law for current and future employees.
collective bargaining 20134
Collective Bargaining 2013
    • Of the substantive changes, the sections dealing with Reduction-In-Force (RIF) are the most significant and sensitive.
    • MDCPS has under the law, and has always had, the right to determine when a RIF is necessary. This does not change with this agreement.
    • The school board would have to vote to reduce the amount of employees during a public meeting. The would further need to indicate the subject area/program that needed to be released.
    • UTD has studied all of the agreements that have been reached around the state since the passage of SB-736.
    • The UTD team made strong demands to provide the best possible protections that still comply with the law.
collective bargaining 20135
Collective Bargaining 2013
    • Before any teacher under contract could be subject to RIF, all probationary, and interim employees would have to be terminated.
    • If the RIF required that more employees be released than Interim and probationary employees then Annual Contract (AC)teachers would be considered.
    • The RIF would then proceed starting with AC teachers who would be ranked according to their performance evaluations.
    • If the RIF required that more than all of the AC teachers in the subject area/program were released than Professional Service Contract (PSC) teachers would be considered in the same manner.
collective bargaining 20136
Collective Bargaining 2013
  • Change the contract to bring it into compliance with law regarding certification and accountability.
  • Provides teachers with sufficient time to come into compliance without jeopardy.
  • Requires district to notify in writing all teacher who need to come into compliance.
  • Updated various compensation and payroll procedures.
collective bargaining 20137
Collective Bargaining 2013
  • Leave Option
    • We have put into the contract a significant leave.
    • We have used the leave for the last 2 years under temporary agreements
    • Provides significant protection due to the changes made by SB-736
    • Protects contract status that would otherwise be lost.
    • No restrictions on outside work
    • This leave is mainly to protect one’s contractual status
      • No Pay
      • No Benefits
collective bargaining 20138
Collective Bargaining 2013
    • Recognizing difficulties with the implementation of the IPEGS system, both sides have agreed to a committee to review IPEGS and update for the coming year.