Animal farm george orwell chapter 2
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ANIMAL FARM GEORGE ORWELL CHAPTER 2. Animal Farm. George Orwell, June 25 1903 –January 21 1950. Written in 1945 . Based on political condition of Soviet Union. Animated film in 1954. Movie in 1999. Background. Mr. Jones Farm. Dream of Major. Unkind human beings. Major Dead.

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Animal Farm

  • George Orwell, June 25 1903 –January 21 1950.

  • Written in 1945.

  • Based on political condition of Soviet Union.

  • Animated film in 1954.

  • Movie in 1999.


  • Mr. Jones Farm.

  • Dream of Major.

  • Unkind human beings.

Major Dead

  • 3 nights later, Major died.

  • He was buried at the foot of Orchard.

Secret Activities

  • A new way to see life.

  • Pigs took charge and place of Major.

  • Napoleon with snowball and Squealer elaborated majors teachings into a system of thought.

3 Pigs

  • Napoleon: the only berkshire boar in the farm. Not much of a talker, but with reputation of getting his own way.

  • Snowball: a vivacious pig, quicker in speech than Napoleon.

  • Squealer: A porker, with excellent speaking skills.


  • Several nights later, the three pigs called on a secret meeting.

  • They elaborated the idea of animalism.

  • They had to explain the need and importance of animalism to many animals.

Mollie a spy of the Master

  • Mollie was one of the most favorite pets of Mr Jones

  • Mollie was unconvinced of ‘‘Animalism’’ – the resistance movement against tyranny of man

  • The Delusion of ‘‘Sugarcandy Mountain’’

  • Sugarcandy Mountain is a place where animals would go once they are dead – this belief was being propagated by Mollie

  • In other words, Mollie was using these lies to sabotage the resistance movement

Boxer and Clover – The Faithful Disciples

  • Both of them were cart-horses

  • They were highly inclined towards

  • Animalism and supported the arguments raised by the pigs

  • They were also actively involved in spreading the message of resistance



Failures of the Master

  • Rebellion was achieved more easily because Mr Jones was no more capable

  • He lost money in a law suit

  • He was drinking more than he should

  • He could no longer monitor the workers on the farm

  • Farm was being mismanaged.

  • Mr Jones went to Willingdon on Midsummer’s eve

  • He came back Sunday and slept

The Day of Triumph

  • Animals were not fed by his men during this time

  • Animals could no longer tolerate this tyranny

  • They rebelled next morning

  • The animals were being whipped by the men

  • Animals kicked and butted the men

  • Soon the situation went out of control for the men and they flew seeing this sudden and unprecedented uprising

  • Rebellion was successful

  • Jones and his men were expelled

  • The farm now belonged to Animals

  • It was ` now

  • For the first few minutes the animals could hardly believe in their good fortune.

  • They gallop in a body right round the boundris of the farm to make sure that no human being was hiding anywhere upon it.

  • Then they came back to the farm building to eradicate the last traces of Jones’s hated reign.

  • The harness room was broken up;thebits,the nose rings,the dog chains, and the cruel knives were all thrown down the well.

  • And the reins,thehalters,theblinkers,the degrading nosebags and the whips were thrown on to the rubbish fire.

  • All the animals were jumping with happiness when they saw the whips going up in flames.

  • Ribbons and hats were also flung on to the fire because according to snowball these things were considered as clothes and all animals should go naked.

  • In a few moments they had destroyed everything that could remind them of MR.Jones.

  • After this Napoleon led them to the store-shed and served out a double ration corn to everybody with two biscuits for each dog.

  • Then they sang “Beasts of England and slept as they had never slept before.

  • Next day they woke at dawn and raced out into the pasture together.

  • They enjoyed the clear morning light the top of a hill.Theygambolled round and round with excitement.

Joy of freedom.

  • All animals were happy.

  • They rolled in in dew and cropped their mouths with sweet grass.

  • They surveyed the plough land, the hay field, the orchard, the pool and the spinney. They happy like never before.

  • Then they came back to the farm


Ownership of farmhouse

  • Snowball ,Napoleon and other animals entered the farmhouse.

  • Amazed by the inside beauty and luxury.

  • Mollie took a piece of blue cloth form dressing.

Ownership of farmhouse

  • Entry in the kitchen.

  • Ham hanging in the kitchen.

  • Farmhouse as a museum.



Title of animal farm

  • Snowball replaced the title by ANIMAL FARM in place of Manor Farm.

  • On the five-barred Gate


  • Snowball and Napoleon went to farm building

  • Set a ladder against wall of big Barn

  • Snowball climbed up and wrote seven unalterable laws:



  • Neatly written by snowball

  • Friend was written friend

  • All the spellings were correct

  • Snowball read it aloud

  • All the animals nodded in agreement

Milk the cows

  • Three cows had not been milked since 24 hours

  • pigs milked the cows successfully

  • Trotters were well adopted to this task

  • Five buckets of creamy milk

  • Everyone was curious about the milk


  • Animal trooped down to hayfield

  • When they came back in evening, milk was disappeared…………………………!!! ???????

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