what is peer pressure
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What is Peer Pressure?

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What is Peer Pressure - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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What is Peer Pressure?. Can there be negative and positive Peer Pressure?. What is Negative Peer Pressure?. When a person close to your age encourages you with words to do something that is either wrong, dangerous, harmful, or illegal…. Cheating during a test Skipping class

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what is peer pressure

What is Peer Pressure?

Can there be negative and positive

Peer Pressure?

what is negative peer pressure

What is Negative Peer Pressure?

When a person close to your age encourages you with words to do something that is either wrong, dangerous, harmful, or illegal…

some examples of negative peer pressure include
Cheating during a test

Skipping class

Cutting someone out of the group


Smoking cigarettes


Using alcohol or other drugs

Lying to parents about where you’re going


Gossiping and cliques


Prank phone calls

Sexual behavior

Copying homework

And many more! Most young people have at least one peer pressure situation to deal with every day.

Some examples of Negative Peer Pressure Include:
our goal
Our Goal:

Learn (and use)


So you can say “no” to trouble and keep your friends and your dignity as well!

peer pressure reversal

Peer Pressure Reversal

A Modern Day Survival Skill!

Check out the Scene

Make a Good Decision

Act to Avoid Trouble

check out the scene
Check out the Scene
  • Look and Listen
  • Apply the “trouble” Rule
make a good decision
Make a Good Decision
  • Weigh both sides
  • Decide to Stop or Go
act to avoid trouble
Act to Avoid Trouble

What to say:

  • Simply say no
  • Leave the scene
  • Ignore the peer
  • Make an excuse
  • Change the subject
  • Make a joke
  • Act shocked
  • Use Flattery
  • Suggest a Better Idea
  • Return the Challenge

How to Say it:

  • In 30 seconds or less
  • No more than twice
peer pressure reversal is
Peer Pressure Reversal is:
  • Doing what’s right
  • Standing out – not just fitting in
  • Being proud of who you are
  • Being independent

Being independent means that you know what kind of person you want to be (a decent one), and where you’re going (a positive direction toward your future).

Always be courageous to do what’s right!