Expanding the franchise
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Expanding the Franchise PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Expanding the Franchise. 2012 YEO Network National Convening Voter Suppression, Corporate Personhood and Equality Issues for State Legislative Officials June 23, 2012. National Think Tanks. State Legislatures. Congress. State-Based Group. Grassroots Groups. State Medias. American Public.

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Expanding the Franchise

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Expanding the Franchise

2012 YEO Network National Convening

Voter Suppression, Corporate Personhood and

Equality Issues for State Legislative OfficialsJune 23, 2012

National Think Tanks

State Legislatures


State-Based Group



American Public

About the Progressive States Network

  • Establish a multi-issue progressive narrative

  • Build a national network

  • Connect legislators with best practices and sound research

  • Act as a source of information

  • Move policy

PSN 2012 Blueprint for Economic Security

Convert individual state policy fights into national campaigns that reflect many of the top concerns of American families

  • Create, Grow, and Save Jobs

  • Rebuild Prosperity in State Economies

  • Protect Families from Cuts and Attacks

  • Revitalize the Middle Class

Why 2013?(take a cue from PA)

Three policies, in particular

  • Anti-Deceptive Practices

  • Election Day Registration

  • 16- and 17-year-old voter preregistration

Pivoting on conservative messaging

  • These reforms protect the sanctity of elections

  • The right to vote is at the heart of what it means to be an American.

  • If they can’t count on your vote, they’d rather you not be counted at all.

  • No one should prevent eligible Americans from voting, or registering to vote.

Anti-Deceptive Practices: What Worked

  • Minimal fiscal impact

  • Talk about “misinformation tactics” and “intentional deception”

  • Examples of voter intimidation from both sides of the aisle

  • Seniors and veterans

Responding to Common Objections

  • “Voters are protected under the current law.”

  • “There aren’t enough examples of this to justify action.”

  • “The penalties are too harsh. What if someone makes a simple mistake?”


Election Day Registration: What Worked

  • Getting buy-in from election administrators.

  • Working around constitutional limitations when necessary

  • Focusing on working people

  • Shifting the patronizing tone of conservative objections

Responding to Common Objections

  • “This is too complicated.”

  • “EDR will lead to fraud.”

Youth Preregistration

Youth Preregistration: The Facts

  • Had younger citizens voted at the same rate as those aged 30 and over, seven million more votes would have been cast in 2008.

  • Registration rates of voters of color 18-29 lagged behind that of whites by as much as 20 percentage points (college bias, dropouts)

  • Preregistered voters were 2% more likely to vote in 2008 than those who registered after turning 18. Preregistered African Americans were 5.2% more likely to vote.

  • Voting in an election makes one 29% more likely to vote in the next.

Youth Preregistration: What Worked

  • Implementation costs are minimal

  • Pairing with a civics education component

  • Emphasizing the reduction in voter registration errors through preregistration

Responding to Common Objections

  • “Young people move a lot and there’s no point to getting them registered when it will just create redundant records.”

For more information – contact Cristina Francisco-McGuire

Progressive States Network

(212)-680-3116 x118


Twitter: CristinaPSN

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