Exercises for Informal Fallacies

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. 1. We should give an A to Tommy. It is because if he does not get an A, it is likely that he will not get enough GPA to be admitted to HKU. You know, Tommy's parents are quite old and have high expectation of him.. . 2. Since we should forbid our children reading pornography and pornography is no

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Exercises for Informal Fallacies

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1. Exercises for Informal Fallacies

2. 1. We should give an A to Tommy. It is because if he does not get an A, it is likely that he will not get enough GPA to be admitted to HKU. You know, Tommy’s parents are quite old and have high expectation of him.

3. 2. Since we should forbid our children reading pornography and pornography is nothing but books with pictures of naked people, we should never allow our children studying medicine since anatomy texts are full of pictures of naked people.

4. 3. Why don’t you urge your son to study in an international school? People are queuing up to get an application form from these schools and a lot of famous people allow their children to study there.

5. 4. LEGCO is a lousy senate. We Hong Kong people are now suffering from inflation, and terrorists are everywhere. We must disband LEGCO as soon as possible.

6. 5. Mary dares to call me a liar! I have heard her lie to her friends before.

7. 6. If the teachers of SPACE are so irresponsible, then it will be no wonder that their students are irresponsible. Now it is a fact that the teachers of SPACE are irresponsible. Therefore, it is no wonder that their students are irresponsible.

8. 7. Long Hair always advocates that we should have a better welfare system. Obviously, he wants to get rid of Tsang and the Chinese government altogether. Yet without a unified China and an Chief Executive, Hong Kong will not survive. None of us want Hong Kong not surviving. Therefore, agreeing with Long Hair’s proposal is like committing suicide.

9. 8. Doctors always say that cigarette is bad to health. But think: there are a lot of unhealthy things in life. Perhaps we should avoid all unhealthy things including walking under an electric cable. How unfair that one might get brain cancer just by walking under a cable!

10. 9. You just said that you have lost all your money in a poker game yesterday. So how could you say that I owed you money before?

11. 10. The Apple Daily reported that three SPACE students were expelled for cheating. SPACE is indeed a place for cheaters.

12. 11. If a student has emotional problem in the middle of the night, his/her teacher is not obligated to offer him/her immediate counseling. Similarly, when the tsunami hit Japan, the Japanese Prime Minister was not obligated to attend to this incident immediately if he was on vacation.

13. 12. SPACE students’ request that we should decrease the teacher/student ratio should be refused. If we grant this, they will ask us to reduce the school fee, and after that they will ask for free shuttle service. God knows how we can satisfy them!

14. 13. The chance of getting an A+ grade in Frank’s course is like the chance of winning money in a casino. Both involve a high element of luck. Since Frank always sets “out-syllabus” questions and an A+ grade means not a single wrong answer given.

15. 14. I lose the game of Mahjong the moment you pat on my shoulder. Don’t get near me next time when you see me gambling!

16. 15. No one has ever been able to prove that a flying dinosaur did exist. Therefore, we must conclude that there was no such thing as a flying dinosaur.

17. 17. Hong Kong has more banks than Shanghai. Yet Shanghai has a better economy than Hong Kong. So reducing the number of banks in Hong Kong will only do us good.

18. 18. We should help our friends. So if your friend asks to you to let him copy your homework, you should do so.

19. 19. Animals and humans are similar in many ways. Both experience sensations, desires, fears, pleasures, and pains. Human have a right not to be subjected to needless pain. Does it follow that animals have a right not to be subjected to needless pain?

20. 20. Tom has argued that logic is not the most important thing in life. He must be nuts! Logic is the accumulation of human intellect, and Tom dares to say that we have to give logic up.

21. 21. Substances will move from a region of higher concentration to lower concentration. So money will move from the rich to the poor.

22. 22. Why did you cheat in the exam?

23. 23. Of course abortion is permissible. After all, a woman has a right to do as she pleases with her own body.

24. 24. Students are either diligent or lazy. Diligent students do not need encouragement. There is no use to encourage lazy students. Therefore, there is no need to encourage students.

25. 25. It is strange to hear that USA makes complaint against China’s violation of human rights. We hear cases of USA violating the rights of black people too.

26. 26. Tom said that he studied dinosaurs in his room. Therefore, we must conclude that his room is as big as a football field.

27. 27. After Betty has acquired the new computer, she removed the computer from the box and disposed of it in the blue garbage can. If she did not want it, why did she buy it in the first place?

28. 28. John studies in SPACE. Since SPACE is a bad college, John must be a bad student.

29. 29. All of us will die. Therefore, human beings will soon become extinct.

30. 30. Each human cell has 70% carbon. Therefore, the whole human body has 70% carbon.

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