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Ancient Egypt. Sixth Grade Social Studies. What do you notice about the map? What is the river that flows through Egypt? Where does the river end?. PYRAMIDS- Tombs of the Pharaohs(Kings). MUMMIES- To preserve bodies for the afterlife. KING TUT. Hieroglyphics- Symbols for Writing.

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Ancient Egypt

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Ancient Egypt

Sixth Grade Social Studies

  • What do you notice about the map?

  • What is the river that flows through Egypt?

  • Where does the river end?

PYRAMIDS- Tombs of the Pharaohs(Kings)

MUMMIES- To preserve bodies for the afterlife


Hieroglyphics- Symbols for Writing

Scribes were the people who went to school to learn HOW to write in hieroglyphics. Not everyone learned to write.

Egyptians made papyrus paper to write and draw on.

The Papyrus plant came from the Nile.

The end result- writing and pictures

RELIGION- Ancient Egyptians believed in many gods and goddesses ( polytheism).

THOTH- God of Writing and knowledge

THE NILE RIVER- offered farming

Because of the Nile land around the river was fertile. Many Egyptians were farmers because the Nile provided good soil for farming.

THE NILE RIVER offered transportation- a way for people and goods to travel.

Egyptian Life Homes

Homes were made of clay and mud.

Some people had jobs within homes. They made cloth, cooked or cleaned.


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