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“Dogzilla” by Dav Pilkey. Theme 3. Meet the Author and Illustrator.

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Dogzilla by dav pilkey l.jpg

“Dogzilla”by Dav Pilkey

Theme 3

Meet the author and illustrator l.jpg
Meet the Author and Illustrator

Even before he was old enough to go to school, Dav Pilkey loved drawing. Today, he writes and illustrates his own booksand draws pictures for other authors’ books. He says, “I feel really lucky to be able to make a living doing my favorite things”.


Genre fantasy l.jpg
Genre: Fantasy

  • A fantasy is a type of incredible story.

  • Something that is incredible is amazing, unbelievable, or not likely to happen.

  • This story places ordinary characters in a traditional monster-movie plot.

Summary l.jpg

  • The dreadful Dogzilla destroys the streets of Mousopolis, ruining the city’s cook-off. Brave mice attack, but Dogzilla’s terrible doggy breath defeats them. Finally, the mice come up with a better plan-BATH TIME! Dogzilla flees, and Mousoplois is saved, at least until next year.

Background information l.jpg
Background Information

  • This story is a “spoof”, or a silly take-off, of the monster movie Godzilla. If you would like to find out more about Godzilla, click on the monster below!

Key concept l.jpg
Key Concept

Movie Monsters

Key vocabulary l.jpg
Key Vocabulary

  • colossal

  • creature

  • heroic

  • horrifying

  • monstrous

  • terrifying

  • tremendous

Colossal l.jpg

very big; enormous

Creature l.jpg

a living being, especially an animal

Heroic l.jpg

very brave or daring

Horrifying l.jpg

causing much fear

Monstrous l.jpg

extremely large; enormous

Terrifying l.jpg

causing much fear

Tremendous l.jpg

very great, large, or powerful

American soldiers are heroic men and women that fight for our freedom17 l.jpg
American soldiers are our freedom. heroic men and women that fight for our freedom.

The scary movie was horrifying to watch19 l.jpg
The scary movie was our freedom. horrifying to watch.

The volcano erupted a tremendous amount of lava21 l.jpg
The volcano erupted a our freedom. tremendous amount of lava.

The skyscrapers in new york are colossal23 l.jpg
The skyscrapers in New York are our freedom. colossal.

The brown creature was crawling up my arm25 l.jpg
The brown our freedom. creature was crawling up my arm.

The monstrous giant defeated the mouse27 l.jpg
The our freedom. monstrous giant defeated the mouse.

The dog was terrifying the little girl29 l.jpg
The dog was our freedom. terrifying the little girl.

Strategy focus evaluate l.jpg
Strategy Focus: Evaluate our freedom.

  • When we evaluate, we form an opinion about we see and/or read.

  • The author calls this story “extremely goofy”. Do you agree with him?

  • Evaluate how well he uses the words and pictures to make you feel this way.

Strategy focus evaluate31 l.jpg
Strategy Focus: Evaluate our freedom.

Let’s try it!

Tell a partner how the picture

on the title page makes you feel.


Tell a partner how you feel about the

title of this story.

Comprehension skill focus fantasy realsim l.jpg
Comprehension Skill Focus: Fantasy/Realsim our freedom.

  • We have defined fantasy as incredible, not real, and unbelievable.

  • As we read “Dogzilla”, we find examples of things that are fantasy (not real) and some things that are real and could really happen in life.