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E. CANDIDACY PHASE. RITE Rite of Admission [ Ritual P. 11 ]. 3.2 Rite of Admission 3.21 the rite of admission, which precedes the time of formation or candidacy, should be simple and plain. It is

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Rite of Admission

[ Ritual P. 11 ]

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3.2 Rite of Admission

3.21 the rite of admission, which precedes

the time of formation or candidacy,

should be simple and plain. It is

appropriate that this entrance into the

Secular Franciscan Order take place

within a celebration of the Word

of God with the whole fraternity

present, and not during the celebration

of the Eucharist.

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3.22 The normative elements that

should be clearly and evidently

highlighted for the candidates

are the following:

  • the request and the will to

    experience the gospel life, like

    Francis of Assisi;

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  • having in mind that the request

    is related to a possible future

    commitment to live this way of

    life, with the help of a

    fraternity, in communion and

    harmony with the whole

    Franciscan family.

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This period of formation begins with

the Rite of Admission into the

Secular Franciscan Order, the public

acceptance of the Candidate’s request

and intention to live the gospel life in

the manner of St. Francis.

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During CANDIDACY, the entire

fraternity participates in, and nurtures

the ever deepening of the Candidate’s

evangelical living out of the SFO Rule.

It is important that the Candidate be

given opportunities to experience,

internalize andintegrate the gospel

values presented in SFORule.

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The time of CANDIDACY is an extended

period, lasting at least 18 months. Just

because the minimum time of

Candidacy is 18 months, there is no

reason why that time frame should be

themaximum. In particular

circumstances, it may be prudent to

Extend the actual time beyond 18

months to broaden and deepen the

Candidate’s formation experience.

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The main purpose of CANDIDACY is to

preparethe Candidate to make



However the fraternity, through the

decisionof the Fraternity Council and

the Formation Director/Team, together

with the Candidatediscern one of the

threepossible options:

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  • Extension of the actual time of Candidacy

    before profession. Permanent Commitment.

    2. Profession, Permanent Commitment

    followed by a structured time of special

    continuing education in which are

    covered an in-depth study and further

    experiencein the area of Scripture,

    Ecclesiology,Franciscanism and

    fraternity structure, etc.

    3. Temporary commitment is discouraged.

Suggested content for candidacy phase l.jpg

  • The Pauline Rule

  • The Volterra Letter (prologue to the Rule)

  • Sacred Scripture, especially the Gospels

  • Franciscan Spirituality

  • Franciscan Apostolic Life

  • Ritual of the Secular Franciscan Order

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  • What content would you add to your fraternity’s Candidate Phase?

    2. How well does your fraternity

    understand the Candidacy Phase,

    and what needs be done?

    3. What did you see today that was new to

    your understanding of the Candidacy


    4. What is the most important thing you

    learned today that needs to be added to

    the Candidacy Phase in your fraternity?