helium filled hard drives
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Helium Filled Hard Drives

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Helium Filled Hard Drives - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Helium Filled Hard Drives. Jordan Rowley. HDD Problems. Air filled hard drive problems Memory space Energy usage. Introduction. Hitachi Global Storage Technologies (HGST ) HGST designed helium filled hard drives Addresses these persistent problems. Helium. 2 nd lightest element

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Presentation Transcript
hdd problems
HDD Problems
  • Air filled hard drive problems
    • Memory space
    • Energy usage
  • Hitachi Global Storage Technologies (HGST)
  • HGST designed helium filled hard drives
  • Addresses these persistent problems
  • 2nd lightest element
    • Behind hydrogen (Lightest element)
    • Very good choice for hard drive
  • 23% of mass of universe
    • 2nd most abundant element in universe
more helium
More helium
  • However, not as abundant on earth in pure form
    • Gravity cannot keep helium in atmosphere
  • Found as component in natural gases in America
    • Compose up to 7.6% of these gases
  • Abundant enough for HGST to use in hard drives
some numbers
Some Numbers
  • Increases hard drive storage capacity by 40%
  • Reduces power consumption by 23%
  • Helium results in “less drag on the head arms and the spinning disk track”
    • http://www.gizmag.com/hgst-helium-filled-sealed-hard-drive/24190/
  • Less power is used to perform tasks like these
    • Moving and positioning heads over tracks
benefits leading to benefits
Benefits leading to benefits
  • Less power and movement leads to something else
  • Results in data tracks and disks being placed closer together
  • All this means that they can store more data in the hard drives
more numbers
More numbers
  • Increases density within each disk with infusion of helium
  • Means each disk can store more data
  • Number of disks increases from 5 to 7
  • All within the 3.5 inch enclosure of hard drive
  • Helium hard drive is hermetically sealed to keep helium in
  • Also keeps out contaminants
    • Dust, humidity, water etc.
  • Helium hard drive run with more efficient thermal conduction
    • 4°C cooler than regular air
  • Means that helium hard drive runs much quieter than air filled hard drives
hgst figures it out
HGST Figures it out
  • Three things needed to be solved in order to design helium filled hard drive:
    • “How to build a drive structure stiff enough not to flex with pressure changes
    • How to seal in helium, a gas known for its remarkable diffusion properties
    • How to manufacture such drives in high volume at a competitive price”
      • http://www.zdnet.com/helium-filled-drives-announced-7000004222/
interesting aspect
Interesting aspect
  • Gives us more capacity in our hard drives which will become more important in our lives
  • More energy efficient, which our generation needs to address
    • Becoming more “green”
  • Shows how advanced all aspects of technology are becoming
the future
The future
  • Helium filled hard drives set to realize in 2013
  • HGST hopes to revolutionize hard drive industry
  • Also wants to compete with main developers of hard drives
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