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Making lockpicks the legion303 way
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Making Lockpicks the Legion303 Way. Fuck yeah, Comic Sans!. About Me. Blah blah blah. Who owns my picks? (probably not an endorsement). The Thundercats (Pyr0, Chris Nickerson, Ryan Jones) Jackalope Delchi Mike Kershaw Datagram Schuyler Towne Raimundo

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Making Lockpicks the Legion303 Way

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Making lockpicks the legion303 way

Making Lockpicks the Legion303 Way

Fuck yeah, Comic Sans!

About me

About Me

  • Blah blahblah

Who owns my picks probably not an endorsement

Who owns my picks? (probably not an endorsement)

  • The Thundercats (Pyr0, Chris Nickerson, Ryan Jones)

  • Jackalope

  • Delchi

  • Mike Kershaw

  • Datagram

  • SchuylerTowne

  • Raimundo

  • A fuckton of locksmiths, hobbyists and security folks around the world

Current future projects

Current/Future Projects

  • Videx CyberLock

  • MedecoNexgen

  • Schlage Link

  • Other electromechanical locks



  • Pyro1234321

  • Gordon Airporte

  • Raimundo

  • Locknewbie21

  • Kaotik

  • Matthew Meyers

  • Deviant Ollam

  • Mar

  • LP101



Fist the horse cock

“Fist the horse cock?”

Final competition pick

Final Competition Pick

First sale

First Sale!

Sharp edges suck

Sharp edges suck

Personal set

Personal set

Further refinements

Further refinements

Making lockpicks the legion303 way


The many uses of shapelock

The many uses of Shapelock

  • Nose pad thingy for eyeglasses

  • Telescope motor control mount

  • Ceiling fan support

  • Imprinting high security keys

  • Emergency buttplug replacement


The next generation

The Next Generation

The part where you finally learn something worthwhile

The part where you finally learn something worthwhile

Shake hands with danger

Shake Hands with Danger



Vise grips what can t they do

Vise Grips: What CAN’T They Do?





Also these things i didn t feel like downloading pictures of

Also these things I didn’t feel like downloading pictures of:

  • Talcum powder

  • Sandpaper (400, 600, 1000)

  • X-Acto knife or Chinese knockoff

  • Container full of ice water

  • Cavity search gloves (optional)

Making the mold

Making the Mold

  • Prepare original pick with release agent

  • Heat Shapelock

  • Press pick < halfway into shapelock and let harden

  • Heat more Shapelock and press it onto top of pick, completely covering bottom half of mold

  • After all the Shapelock is cool, pry everything apart

It should look like this

It Should Look Like This

Optional followup

Optional Followup

  • Use new mold to impress clay around a metal blank (don’t forget the release agent), carve interesting shapes and bevels into it, imprint your area code, bake clay, let cool, and repeat Shapelock molding process with your new pick handle

Wiper blades and you

Wiper Blades and You

  • Use your old ones or ask at an oil/tire change place

  • Avoid Bosch

  • Don’t poke an eye out when stripping the rubber off

  • Cut inserts between 4 ¾” – 5” long

  • Use Sharpie to draw or trace your templates

Dremel brand rotary tool

Dremel Brand Rotary Tool

  • Get a bucket of ice water

  • Don’t plug in your Dremel without goggles on

  • Do you enjoy breathing toxic metal dust? If not, get a dust mask

  • Apply cutting wheel at right angle to metal, and cut notches in the bottom; use 8-9 on the speed dial

  • Quench often

Sanding the pick

Sanding the Pick

  • Use stone first on edges

  • Use Dremel sanding disks on flats (don’t let the metal get too hot)

  • Clamp metal in Vise Grips and start sanding by hand using 400, 600 and 1000 grits in progression

  • Electrician’s tape makes good fingertip armor

Molding the handles

Molding the Handles

  • Dump talcum powder onto both halves of mold and blow off excess

  • Work clay in pasta machine or by hand until soft

  • Roll out approximate length of handle, twice

  • Squish one into mold

  • Insert metal

Making lockpicks the legion303 way

  • Squish other clay part on top of metal

  • Put mold halves together and squeeze the shit out of them

  • Pull halves apart and work handle out

  • Trim seams with hobby knife

  • Place on white paper until other handles are finished, bake in large batches

Making lockpicks the legion303 way

  • Take a well-earned break while the picks are baking (according to the instructions on the package)

You ve polished off the handles now polish the handles

You’ve Polished Off the Handles, now Polishthe Handles

  • Set speed to about 3 or 4

  • Attach fabric buffer wheel

  • Run over handles, keeping constant motion until polished

Apply liberal dose of tubgirl

Apply Liberal Dose of Tubgirl

  • Squirt and wipe dry with microfiber cloth or sock

Videos and music

Videos and Music

  • Ghost in the Shell + derivatives

  • MST3K and Rifftrax

  • Con presentations

  • Dual Core

  • Alestorm

  • Skinny Puppy

Time breakdown

Time Breakdown



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