Word of the week for monday 4 7 14
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Word of the Week for Monday 4/7/14 PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Word of the Week for Monday 4/7/14. Animals and Earthquakes homework due Friday!. Dismal Definition : 1.Causing gloom or depression; dreary. 2. Feeling gloomy, depressed; miserable.

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Word of the Week for Monday 4/7/14

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Word of the Week for Monday 4/7/14

Animals and Earthquakes homework due Friday!


Definition: 1.Causing gloom or depression; dreary. 2. Feeling gloomy, depressed; miserable.

Sentence: “There were fewer houses and fewer fruit trees, and the farther they went the more dismal and lonesome the country became.” – L. Frank Baum, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

Word of the Week Quiz Friday!!!

Word of the WeekMonday 3/31/14


Noun definition: A feeling that someone or something is bad, worthless or low.

Verb definition: To have or to show this feeling about someone or something.

Example sentence: “Matty had never paid attention to the names of flowers- boys generally disdained such things-but now he wished he knew them, so that he could tell Jean.”

– Lois Lowry, Messenger


Word of the Week: Monday, March 24th

Diminish (verb)

  • Definition: to make or become smaller or less; reduce or decrease

  • Sentence: The strength of the army was greatly diminished by outbreaks of disease.

Homework: “Indonesia's Real-Life Dragons” DUE FRIDAY!

Word of the Week! Monday, March 3rd

Debris (noun)

Pronounced:Dah- bree

Definition: The scattered remains of something broken, destroyed or discarded; rubble or wreckage.

Sentence: Hoarders don’t mind wading through pounds of debris to get from room to room.

SWBAT understand and identify the use of conventions in writing.

Word of the Week


  • Counter (verb)

  • Definition: to do or say something in opposition to something else.

  • Sentence: In order to effectively counter her argument about gun control, he had to do some research first.

Word of the Week!

Contortion (noun)

Definition: A sharp twist or bend in something.

Sentence: Her body’s contortion looked painful!

Origin: Latin


SWBAT identify how an author uses different organizational patterns to clarify meaning within a text.

Good Luck Knights!

Word of the Week!



Conspicuous (adjective)

Definition: 1. Easily seen; obvious 2. attracting attention; striking, remarkable.

Sentence: He had a conspicuous lump on his forehead.

Word of the Week!

Monday, March 17th

Welcome back!!!

Defiance (noun)

Definition: The act of defying; open resistance to an opposing force or authority.

Sentence: The prisoners recent defiance made the guards fear an uprising.

STAAR WRITING TEST- April 1 and 2! *Pre-AP Math March 31st

Homework: First Flight due Friday (or sooner)!

Word of the Week

  • Perplexing (adjective)

  • Definition: Completely baffling; puzzling; confusing.

  • Quote: All of us might wish at times that we lived in a more tranquil world, but we don’t. And if our times are difficult and perplexing, so are they challenging and filled with opportunity. Robert Kennedy

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