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What You Need To Know Before Getting Diamond Wedding Rings Online - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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There are several things you should get your head around before purchasing diamond wedding rings online. Here is what you need to know.

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When the time comes to make a big investment like wedding rings, finding the right one that is also worth its price is vitally important. Trust us, we know it can be frustrating to deal with the multitude of decisions that need to be made.

Getting your diamond rings online has several benefits and one of them is that it can save you a lot of money.




Find yourself a trustworthy online jeweller by looking at his or her specialisation or asking to see their credentials. Check with their previous customers for their experiences with them and ask questions about the service, satisfaction and quality if you can.

A reputable online jeweller should have a return policy and a guarantee on wedding rings, for example - Certified Diamond Network, has a 30-day money back satisfaction guarantee for each purchase, a lifetime guarantee on materials and craftsmanship, and service guarantee.

They are experts in what they do with award-winning designers that can help you out with your special rings. Have a look at their precious pieces by viewing the online brochure at www.certifieddiamondnetwork.com.au

If you still have no clue which ring would be the perfect fit for your partner, it is time you start asking for help. Her best friend, her close sibling or her mother is the best person you should turn to for advice or just play it cool and ask her broad questions about diamond wedding rings when you see advertising pop up on television, in print ads on the street or when you walk past a jewellery store. Once you start to get all the information, you will have start to get a solid idea of what she likes.

How much you should spend on wedding rings is an ongoing question. The truth is there is no perfect definition of how much you should use to purchase the ring. The best amount is the amount that you’re happiest with and that the ring is worth the price.

A diamond’s quality is determined by the 4Cs, which are carat weight, cut, clarity and colour. A bigger size of diamond does not always mean it has higher value than smaller ones. It takes all four factors to evaluate a diamond’s value and price. The most picked diamond for wedding rings is a lightweight white-coloured piece with average cutting and clarity grade. Choose a diamond’s quality judging from the one you like the most with comfortable pricing.

After a while, you will likely be struggling due to the overload of information out there, but you should get yourself out of that stage and start deciding. When you already have a budget in mind and you know all the basic things about how to select diamond rings, it is time to make up your mind!

After you’ve made the call and received your purchase, check the rings to see if there is anything wrong with it or if it is like what you have expected. If not, now is the part that you will appreciate the return policy the company has, and choose again until you are satisfied!


There are some important things to help you find the best wedding rings online. What you need to do is find a trustworthy jeweller, find out the ring style, set a budget, choose your diamond and make a decision!


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