Tasmanian devil
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Tasmanian devil. Sarcophilus harrisii. Sarcophilus harrisii is the Tasmanian devils scientific name , AND A BABY TASMAIN DEVIL IS A JOEY. SCIANTIFIC CLASSAFICTION KINGDOM: ANIMALIA PHYLUM: CHORDATA

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Tasmanian devil

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Tasmanian devil


Sarcophilusharrisii is the Tasmanian devils scientific name , AND A BABY TASMAIN DEVIL IS A JOEY.










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Tasmain devils are nochturnal and spend their nights searching for food (up to 16 km from home range).when the day begins they go back to their home range and hide in their den (hollow log) or dense bush LAND. TASMAIN DEVILS ARE KNOWN TO AGGRESSIVE BECAUSE OF THAIR THRETNING GAPE AND WHAT LOUD AND DEVILISH NOISED THEY MAKE.MOST OF THESE NOISES ARE MADE THREUW FEEDING RITUALS AND FEAR.

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Tasmanian devils usually mature themselves around their second year of life and usually mate’ around march. after 21 days the pregnant females give birth to 20-30 joeys but it is a race for survival due to there being only 4 teats, and most die.the young joeys are carried around in their mothers rier pouch for 4 mounts then often left in hollow logs.youngtasmannian devils often climb treesand biting.

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The Tasmanian devil is the biggest carnivorous marsupial in the world after the extinction of the thylacine in 1936. the Tasmanian devil is the size of a small dog with a stocky muscular build, a very loud and disturbing screech, a keen sense of small, a very strong bite and a white band just under their neck.and have a average lengh of about 650mm .an average male weight is about 8kg a 6kg for females .the devils are have a expectancy of 6 years lifespan .and have fur and claws

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The Tasmanian devil walks, runs, jumps just like a cat or dog. The devils front legs are slightly longer than its back legs allowing it to run up to 12km per an hour to catch dinner, avoid being dinner or for just playing.

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The Tasmanian devil is a devil scavenger and mostly eat the carcasses than hunting their own pray. The devils have powerful jaws witch they use to eat entire carcasses (the fur,boansand meat) without having a scrap of food left to pollute the invoriment.they can hunt down smaller prey like rodents,lizards,snakes and frogs. Their food habit deepens on the availability on the area they are currently in.

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Habitat and range

The Tasmanian devil is mainly found in places where it does not rain much from the coasts to the mountains. they prefer the coastal woodlands and dry sclerophyll forests. The devils stick to these areas of Tasmania.

Life cycle


Natural enemies

Because of the Tasmanian devil being so strong and defensive it only has 1 enemy witch is the fox but the devil biggest danger is road kill.


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