Ontario has a global reputation in education and students are successful at universities worldwide
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Ontario has a global reputation in education, and students are successful at Universities worldwide. PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Ontario has a global reputation in education, and students are successful at Universities worldwide.

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Dear Students and Parents,Thank you for your interest in our Specialized Ontario High School Diploma Program. Our faculty and staff work together to ensure that every very student receives the support and enrichment necessary to be successful in the University field of their choice.We enjoy having students from South America join our unique learning community. Canadian and International students have an equal number of spaces reserved for them and both groups benefit from this policy.

We specialize in four academic areas to ensure the best resources and results for our students. these are: Business, Engineering, Pre-Medicine - Life Sciences, Computer Science. 

We will support your academic goals and ensure you have a safe and enjoyable stay with us.

Neil Cohen Ana Shkolnik Jonathan Kolber Dean of Students Program Director President

Ontario has a global reputation in education, and students are successful at Universities worldwide.

Colombia Student Program


The school schedule is organized so that students concentrate on two courses per term. This permits a more intense course of study and flexibility in the schedule so that field trips and guest speakers can be accommodated.

The curriculum is also pre-set so that students concentrate on a specific area of interest and the courses required for University admissions.

The school is open 7 days a week so that students can complete their homework and assignments with the supervision and help of a teacher. With this support, they are better prepared for tests and examinations.

Along with an experiential emphasis, our program includes an integrated approach so that all subjects relate to each other and towards the students long term plans.

We also recognize that students may have various interests including physical education, language courses, sports and the liberal arts. Electives can be found in some of the streams, and many students will participate in after school or weekend classes so that these interests can be explored and developed.

Students enjoying a lab at the Ontario Science Centre a world renown educational facility.

Colombia Student Program


The school’s 5 terms and summer school classes allow students of various English levels to progress at an accelerated pace. Students whose math or science skills need improvement can elect to take the Grade 11 equivalent before moving on to the Grade 12 course.

Students can also take courses on-line with the support of our teachers. This reduces the time required in Toronto.

Students who complete the diploma requirements early can take University preparation courses, part-time College and University Classes, and a TOEFL course.

Students also participate in a formal internship or volunteer program.

Music or sports lessons can be arranged.

The school offers 5 terms and 3 summer options. Students can start throughout the year and be ready for post- secondary programs sooner..

The 2009-2010 start dates are:

Term 1: September 8 – October 29 Term 2: October 30 – December 18

Winter Break (December 19 - January 10)

Term 3: January 11 – March 3 Term 4: March 22 – May 10

(Spring Break March 4 – March 21) Term 5: May 11 – June 30


Session A – July 5 – August 13 Session B – July 5- July 30

Session C – August 3-August 27

Colombia Student Program



  • Universities expect students to have competed courses in Advanced Functions, Calculus and Vectors, Physics, Chemistry and English. The school offers an elective in Engineering Applications leaving students with one elective to choose from. Many will select an additional English class but students can decide to pick something from one of the other streams or our elective list.

  • Our faculty is led by Dr. I. Romanovski, PHD Electrical Engineering, McGill University. Students also benefit from:

  • University of Toronto Enrichment Programs

  • Sir Isaac Newton Physics Contest (University of Waterloo)

  • The Canadian Chemistry and Physics Olympiads

Saturday Science & Engineering Academy at the University of Toronto exposes students to concepts and topics beyond the regular school curriculum in a fun and hands-on environment. Small class sizes allow students to meet others with the same interests and aspirations.

Colombia Student Program


* Students may choose to take a course on-line (we suggest Chemistry or Physics) if they wish to avoid the night school requirement


  • In Canada, students must complete an undergraduate degree before applying to a medical school. A strong background in the sciences with credits in Chemistry and Biology and one or two math courses (Advanced Functions and either Calculus and Vectors or Data Management) is scheduled for your final year of high school.

  • Additionally, some students will choose Physics and/or a Social Science course in Sociology, Anthropology and Psychology.

  • All students are encouraged to enrol in our interdisciplinary course in partnership with the Toronto Zoo or at our Nature Centre.

  • Other Learning Opportunities such as:

  • Special laboratory and workshops at the Ontario Science Centre

  • Canadian Chemistry Contests

  • University of Toronto National Biology Contest

  • Trips and field work at the school’s 220-hectare Nature Centre

As part of the Elk Restoration Project students will track the herds movements using telemetry and GPS collars.

Students will also experience the northern lifestyle and will learn camp craft and share in the work of the community. There are also mountain bikes, canoes and other recreational activities available.

Colombia Student Program


* Students may choose to take a course on-line (we suggest Chemistry or Physics) if they wish to avoid the night school requirement

** Students with different undergraduate objectives (eg. Bio-chemistry vs., Psychology) require slightly different courses.


Through our integrated approach, students receive a well rounded education in business and learn how each discipline relates to our global economy.

Required courses include Advanced Functions, English, Business Leadership: Management Fundamentals with Calculus and Vectors or Data Management strongly recommended.. Additional courses in Economics, Accounting, Interdisciplinary Studies and Liberal Arts are available.

Group work is an important part of the program. Students will organize special events and visit local businesses.

Students have the option to compete in various national and international competitions.

Students learn teamwork as they host a city wide chess tournament in the school’s auditorium

Colombia Student Program


* Students may choose to take a course on-line (we suggest Economics or an Elective if they wish to avoid the night school requirement



French Anthropology

Psychology Sociology

World Issues Challenge & Change in Society

Geography World History: The West & The World

Colombia Student Program


Colombia Student Program


Some students have even learned to cook at our neighborhood kitchen and moved on to their own apartment.

Colombia Student Program


This Diploma program was developed by The Toronto Independent High School (TIHS) and The International Language Academy of Canada (ILAC).

Over the last 12 years, thousands of students have graduated from these institutions and continued with success at universities in Canada and around the world.

Located in midtown Toronto across the street from the city’s biggest library, students will have easy access to academic and recreational services.

Students have access to the University of Toronto’s Athletic Centre

Academic enrichment programs are provided in cooperation with the University of Toronto:

*Engineering Workshops on Saturdays

*Mini Med School

*Attending university lectures

The key to your success is right in front of you.

Colombia Student Program


  • There are academic scholarships available for:

  • Academic Excellence

  • Financial Need

  • Women Entering the Engineering Stream

  • Community Works and Volunteerism

  • Summer Programs

Students enjoying a lab at the Ontario Science Centre a world renown educational facility.

Colombia Student Program


Toronto has a population of 2.5 million people (5.5 million in the GTA -Greater Toronto Area).

Toronto is one of the most multicultural cities in the world, and is ranked as the safest large metropolitan area in North America by Places Rated Almanac.

Toronto has many museums, film, theatre, dance, cultural events and festivals.

A view from Toronto’s waterfront. An exciting, friendly and safe place to study, work and play.

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