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Advanced Sketch Tools. Mirror Entities. Need to have an axis to mirror about. Need to determine axis of symmetry. Copy. Need to pick a ‘start point’ on the selected entities The ‘start point’ is the reference point for those entities. Rotate. Scale. Move. Linear Pattern.

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mirror entities
Mirror Entities
  • Need to have an axis to mirror about
  • Need to pick a ‘start point’ on the selected entities
  • The ‘start point’ is the reference point for those entities
defining new sketch plane
Defining New Sketch Plane

Insert >> Reference Geometry >> Plane

  • Need up to 3 references for the plane
info for a plane
Info for a plane

1 Point

1 Line

3 Points

1 Line

1 Edge

(in the same plane)

info for a plane1
Info for a plane

Parallel Plane:

  • Choose 1 reference face
  • Choose 1 offset point/vertex

Plane at an Angle:

  • 1 reference face – choose ‘at angle’
  • 1 axis or rotation
info for a plane2
Info for a plane

Offset Distance:

  • 1 Plane – Choose ‘offset distance’

Perpendicular to:

  • 1 sketch entity
  • 1 point
info for a plane3
Info for a plane

Tangent To:

  • 1 non-planar face
  • 1 point on the edge of that face
understanding projections
Understanding Projections


  • A “VIEW” of an object
  • Intended to be shown on a PLANE
interpreting views
Interpreting Views
  • One method of interpreting sketches is to reverse the mental process used in projecting them
  • Each view provides certain definite information about the shape of the object and all are necessary to visualize it completely
first and third angle projection
First- and Third-Angle Projection
  • There are two main systems used for projecting and unfolding the views:
    • Third-angle projection which is used in the United States, Canada and some other countries
    • First-angle projection which is primarily used in Europe and Asia
  • You should understand both methods