stalemate in washington
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Stalemate in Washington

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Stalemate in Washington - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Stalemate in Washington. Patronage, Stalwarts, Pendleton Act, rebate & ICC. Tradition dictated that jobs or spoils went to the winning party in the elections (patronage). President Garfield was assassinated because of this system. Cleanup Politics.

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stalemate in washington

Stalemate in Washington

Patronage, Stalwarts, Pendleton Act, rebate & ICC

cleanup politics

Tradition dictated that jobs or spoils went to the winning party in the elections (patronage).

  • President Garfield was assassinated because of this system.
Cleanup Politics
stalwarts halfbreeds

Rutherford B. Hayes attacked the patronage system when he took office.

  • His actions angered NY senator Roscoe Conkling. He was the local political boss of the Republican party machine (Stalwart).
  • Republican’s were angered by Hayes abandonment of Reconstruction. He along with other reformers were called halfbreeds.
Stalwarts & Halfbreeds
pendleton act

Allowed the President to decide which jobs were civil service.

  • Civil service jobs applicants had to take exams.
  • This caused a shift from the spoils system to civil service.
Pendleton Act
two parties

Most people in NE & upper Midwest were Republicans.

  • Supported by former Union Soldiers, big business and farmers in the Great Plains.
  • The GOP was also considered the moral party.
  • Democrats were the party of the South, Catholics, immigrants.
Two Parties
democrats reclaim the white house

Democrats nominate Grover Cleveland against James Blaine .

  • Cleveland runs against the corrupt political machine of New York (Tammany Hall).
  • The election was about corrupt government. Voters concentrated on the candidates morals.
  • Republican reformers called Mugwumps voted for Cleveland instead of Blaine.
Democrats Reclaim the White House
presidential problems

Cleveland had to deal with patronage requests from Democrats and the Mugwumps wanted more jobs based on merit.

  • The country was growing more industrialized.
  • Labor unrest also was growing.
Presidential Problems

Violence reached its peak in 1886 with the Haymarket Square bombing in Chicago.

  • The power of large corporations also concerned Americans.
  • Big corporations were able to get rebates on the shipping of their goods others were forced to ship at higher rates.

Both parties believed that the government should not interfere with corporations property rights.

  • States passed laws in 1886 regulating freight rates.
  • Supreme Court overruled the states in 1886.
  • 1887 due to public pressure Congress created the ICC regulating interstate commerce.
republicans regain power

1888 Harrison defeats Cleveland. Harrison lost the popular vote.

  • In 1890 the McKinley Tariff turned a budget surplus into a budget deficit.
  • The Republicans also increased the number of veterans who could receive a pension further more increasing the deficit.
Republicans Regain Power
sherman anti trust act

1890 responding again to public pressure, the Republicans outlawed any combination of trust or conspiracy to restrain trade or commerce amongst several states.

  • The Courts did not see fit to uphold this law.
  • By 1890 the public had lost hope for the 2 party system.
Sherman Anti Trust Act