IV. Constitutional Convention

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IV. Constitutional Convention

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1. IV. Constitutional Convention

2. A. New Constitution May 1787 – Group of delegates met in Philadelphia to revise the Articles Constitutional Convention – Created an entirely new government to replace the Articles Constitution created is the oldest written constitution still in effect in the world

3. Meeting of the Constitutional Convention

5. B. Organization George Washington – Chosen to preside over the convention Spoke little but his presence helped make the convention successful Convention was held in secret to allow the free exchange of ideas

7. C. Father of the Constitution James Madison – Kept a daily journal of the events Major source of information on the events of the convention

8. D. Major Compromises Major disagreement arose over the question of representation in the new government Virginia Plan – Edmond Randolph Favored large states Representation would be based on the size of a state’s population

9. New Jersey Plan – William Patterson Favored small states Each state was given equal representation Results in bickering, name-calling, wig-pulling, and almost a full stop of the convention

10. E. Great Compromise Connecticut Compromise – Roger Sherman Created a two house lawmaking body called Congress Senate – States had equal representatives House of Representative – States represented according to its population

11. F. Slavery Compromises Commerce and Slave Trade – Congress was forbidden the power to tax exports of goods from any state Congress could not interfere with the slave trade for 20 years (1808)

12. Three-Fifths Compromise Proposed by James Madison Decided the question of how slaves would be counted for representation Counted each slave as 3/5th of a person

13. 3/5th of a Man?

14. G. Approving the Constitution Federalist – Supported ratification of the Constitution Favored a strong central government Believe the Articles were too weak to keep the states unified

15. Anti-Federalist – Opposed ratification of the Constitution Feared strong central governments Believed Constitution would fail to protect individual rights Called for a bill of rights

16. H. Constitution is Ratified Federalist Papers – Written in favor of the Constitution Written by Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, and John Jay Papers promised to add a bill of rights

17. Majority of states ratified Constitution in 1787 and 1788 April 30, 1789 – George Washington is sworn in as the 1st President under the new Constitution

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