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10 Amazing points Must Know To Be a Perfect Casino Dealer

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10 Amazing points Must Know To Be a Perfect Casino Dealer - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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You must know these amazing facts to be a perfect casino dealer. Every instructors of CEG Dealer School teaches to their students and instill these 10 amazing casino dealer.

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In casino industry the goal of every casino gambler is almost same, almost every gambler wants to walk away from the table by winning more chips.

Players want to win, but doesn’t it make the experience much more satisfying if they have a good time in the process? The dealer is a person who can be a catalyst for an enjoyable casino experience. The dealer is the straw that stirs the drink.

There\'s much more to it than simply throwing the cards your way or spinning the roulette wheel.


At any casino dealer school the instructors of school teaches their students and try to instill some key points to their students. So while learning the casino courses the students must learn these key points, if they have all these attribute means they are comfortable to them a best dealer.


1. Knowledge of the rules

It is vital to Knowing and understanding the rules of the game that you are dealing. If the dealer doesn’t know the rules, may be it ruin the integrity of the games. That’s why joining a casino dealer school important.


2. Be consistent

Every player has his/her own techniques and style while dealing. And players will get used to that style. Once the player gets used to that style, means the players are familiar with you by your own techniques and styles, and by being consistent you help the player get comfortable.


3. Be Professional

Be professional in front of casino player while dealing, dealer’s appearance is important and they want to practice good posture. Another thing to remember is that the dealer should never point at a player – they should always use an open hand – and they should never stare at the player. It\'s just common courtesy.


4. Keep the game moving

Dealers have got to be crisp and keep the game controlled and you have to move the game along with no unnecessary stoppages in play. But at the same time you don\'t want to rush yourself or rush the players. You\'ve got to find the right balance.


5. Mechanical skills

You want to dealers to put their own kind of body language and personality into it. It\'s what makes each dealer unique, but it\'s also probably the most difficult thing to teach. Dealers learn to riffle the cards tight and smooth.


6. Know when it\'s appropriate to help a player

Dealer isn\'t there to play the hand for the player. All of the casinos have different philosophies about this, but the general rule is to help when help is needed, but don\'t disrupt the flow of the game because you are coming to the aid of one player at the table more often than you should be.


7. Interact with the players

When a player comes to the table the dealer should really do all they can to welcome them. And Dealers should learn the players name, ask them where they\'re from and have a conversation with them if that\'s what the player is looking for. You\'d be surprised how often a casino patron goes into a casino and looks for a certain dealer. A dealer can create loyalty. That\'s good for everyone involved – from the dealer to the player to the casino. It makes it a win-win for everyone.


8. Restraint

Sometimes the player doesn\'t always act appropriately and for the sake of the other players and the casino itself, the dealer needs to know how to handle that kind of player. They have to know when it\'s time to call a floor person over for help.


9. Call a good game

The dealer needs to be able to read the action at the table and announce it clearly to everyone that\'s playing, this is especially important in baccarat. In poker, you need to announce the amount someone is betting or rising and you need to do it without much hesitation. The people playing don\'t always keep their full attention on what\'s going on at the table so this is a good way to keep them informed.


10. Handling payouts

The dealer is responsible for reading the table correctly so he/she knows who won the pot and how much the winner should be paid. They shouldn\'t have to glance down at a pay table every time they make a payout. They need to know how to award the winner and when it\'s necessary to split a pot.


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