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Treasury s borrowing program
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Treasury’s Borrowing Program. InvestOne Gale Daggett Accountant, Federal Borrowings Branch April 12, 2007. Summary. Overview of the System Creating Accounts Creating Securities Transaction Processing Common User Interface Reporting Future Enhancements. Government Wide Initiatives .

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Treasury’s Borrowing Program

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Treasury s borrowing program

Treasury’s Borrowing Program


Gale Daggett

Accountant, Federal Borrowings Branch

April 12, 2007



  • Overview of the System

  • Creating Accounts

  • Creating Securities

  • Transaction Processing

  • Common User Interface

  • Reporting

  • Future Enhancements

Government wide initiatives

Government Wide Initiatives

President’s Management Agenda

  • Expanding Electronic Government

  • Improved Financial Performance


  • Business Rules for Intragovernmental Transactions

  • Exhibit 300



  • Off-the-shelf investment management and accounting system offered by SunGard

  • Accounts for virtually all types of investment portfolios, transactions, and securities

    • Processes over 40,000 investment portfolios of all types

    • Representing more than $10 trillion in assets

    • Serves more than 25,000 customers around the world

      • Leading banks, asset managers, pension fund administrators, and mutual fund companies

Public debt and investone

Public Debt and InvestOne

  • System utilized since 1999 by OPDA

  • Borrowings since 2003

    • Accounts for approximately 80 credit and non-credit reform funds

    • Equates to approximately 9,000 loans

    • $238 billion in principal outstanding as of 02/28/2007



  • Real-time processing, portfolio valuation and cash management

  • Flexible to allow addition of new transactions and securities

  • On-line access to all data to facilitate decision making

  • Automates most accounting functions to increase productivity

Investone the system

InvestOne the System

  • System architecture is Virtual Storage Access Method (VSAM) files, currently moving to DB2

  • Operates on IBM Mainframe or Unix platform

  • Offers Application Service Provider (ASP) or in-house installed

Example of cr borrowing

Example of CR Borrowing

Creating accounts

Creating Accounts

User defined fields

User Defined Fields

  • Ability to establish user defined fields for accounts, securities, and transactions

Security categorization

Security Categorization

  • Allows hierarchical levels of categorization

  • Ability to sort and group reports by category level

  • 101 Sub-Cohort has Cohort Years 1992 to 2007

  • 17 denotes 101 Sub-Cohort in Invest One

  • 1992 to 2007 denotes the actual Cohort Year in Invest One

Creating cr securities

Creating CR Securities

Cr security terms

CR Security Terms

Comprehensive accounting capabilities

Comprehensive Accounting Capabilities

  • For all industry standard income accrual methods

  • Accrual methods are selected by the user at the security level to provide maximum flexibility

  • Accruals automatically calculated by the system over any period of time (daily)

Accrual methods

Accrual Methods

Variable interest rates

Variable Interest Rates

Example of ncr borrowing

Example of NCR Borrowing

Creating ncr securities

Creating NCR Securities

Ncr security terms

NCR Security Terms

Transaction processing

Transaction Processing

  • Efficiently processes large volumes of transactions

  • Inbound Messaging Interface

  • Outbound Messaging Interface

  • Manually Entering Transactions

    • Ability to add new transactions, modify, delete, and reverse existing transactions

  • Automatic Transaction Generation

Gwa investone and pars



GWA, InvestOne, and PARS

GWA Download

In-bound messaging

Out-bound messaging

Repair station

Repair Station

  • Edit process for transactional data

  • Incomplete transactions for messaged data are held into a pending transaction status

    • Held for subsequent review

    • Released by authorized operator

  • Transactions dated outside of the open accounting period

Manually entering transactions

Manually Entering Transactions

Transaction codes

Transaction Codes

  • All transactions processed have a TRAN code

  • Codes determine the general ledger effects of the transaction


Automatic transaction generation

Automatic Transaction Generation

  • Automatically generates predictable transactions

  • Generated transactions can either:

    • Assume payment on pay date

    • Set-up a past due receivable for tracking until payment is received

Real time error correction

Real-Time Error Correction

  • Ability to correct an error and the system will re-calculate all values

  • Ability to post transactions that occurred in prior periods, but should only affect current accounting periods

Integrated general ledger

Integrated General Ledger

  • Module that interprets transaction input and automatically creates balanced journal entries

  • Chart of accounts flexible enough to accommodate 10,000 different income and expense accounts

  • Standard features: trial balances, journal entry inquiries, financial statements, and supporting audit trails

Detailed audit trails

Detailed Audit Trails

  • Audit trails maintained before and after critical activities

  • Maintenance activity reported by user, account, security, memo number, or specified date range

Comprehensive access control

Comprehensive Access Control

  • Controls access security at the user and screen level

  • Ability to control access to particular functions by user

  • Ability to control the user rights within a function (view, update, report)

Common user interface cui

Common User Interface (CUI)

  • PC-driven front end to InvestOne, which takes advantage of Microsoft Windows technology

  • Dramatically improves the ease of use and ‘look and feel’

Cui features

CUI Features

  • Integrated PickLists of valid values by field

  • Mouse driven processing

  • ‘Click’ between related screens

  • User-designed formats for any screen

  • User-defined fonts and colors

  • User-defined help messages

  • User-defined edits and defaults for input data elements

Cui editor mode

CUI Editor Mode

  • Ability to:

    • Delete fields, move fields, and add static text to screens

    • Add field forwarding, edits defaults, data lists, and change the size of any field

  • Authorized access to this function

Customized menus

Customized Menus

  • Set of default menus provided for the new user

  • Veteran users can skip the menus and go directly to the screen (by command)

  • Ability to tailor menus

Customized error messages

Customized Error Messages

  • Set of default messages

  • Ability to customize error messages

    • To a particular classification

    • Give user specific instructions for particular error

On line help

On-line Help

  • Every data element in the system has a complete screen of help documentation associated with it

    • Ability to customize or elaborate on the HELP screen

Powerful reporting

Powerful Reporting

  • Standard Reports

    • Over 300 standard reports available

  • Spectra an Integrated Ad-Hoc Report Writer

    • Provides the user with quick access to important information displayed in a user-defined format

    • Allows user to design, view, print or download an unlimited number of custom reports

    • No longer have to wait for overnight processing to see printed results

Spectra data requests

Spectra Data Requests

  • Security Distribution Analysis

  • Fund Trend Analysis

  • Pricing/Exchange Rate Trend Analysis

  • Transaction Analysis

  • Spectra includes a consolidated reporting module

Distribution reporting

Distribution Reporting

Transaction analysis reporting

Transaction Analysis Reporting

Reporting capabilities

Reporting Capabilities

  • Spectra Data Request Displays:

    • Text to Screen

    • Text to Printer

    • Pie Chart

    • Bar Chart

    • Text to File

Investone enterprise

InvestOne Enterprise

  • Enhanced data access and dissemination, improved workflow, and new reporting capabilities

  • Utilizes a browser-based architecture for accessing data via an Internet/Intranet client workstation

  • Data-driven architecture that helps users to customize the application around their particular needs

  • Drill-down feature

  • Data dictionary and data extraction with formulas

  • Ability to create fields and add logic

  • Public Debt to implement in 2nd Quarter Fiscal Year 2008

Question and answer

Question and Answer

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