How my high school is like?
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How my high school is like? PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How my high school is like?. By: Priscila Pulla Yunga. *I.E.S LOS MOLINOS*. Barrio Peral,Cartagena It is bilingual high school. *FACILITIES*. Classrooms: Music room Laboratories Art room Computer room Gymnasium Library Audiovisual room Canteen. *JOURNEYS*.

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How my high school is like?

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How my high school is like

How my high school is like?

By: Priscila

Pulla Yunga

I e s los molinos


Barrio Peral,Cartagena

It is bilingual high school




  • Music room

  • Laboratories

  • Art room

  • Computer room

  • Gymnasium

  • Library

  • Audiovisual room

  • Canteen



  • Denmark exchange

  • Journey to Nerpio

  • Journey to Granada



  • The students that participate are from 3rd E.S.O

  • It lasts 5 days

  • They lodge in a boarding school

  • Among the activities they do there stand out:

    · They do canoeing among other sports

    · They visit legoland

    · They visit Danfoss Universe

    · They visit Tivoli

    · They visit the mermaid monument



This journey lasts 5 days

Students can visit a lot of things:

·The Alhambra

· The science park

· Saint Nicholas´ bay




It lasts 3 days in which they visited the village, the climbing, a ducks' pond ...



The terror night

In Halloween we turn our high school in a terror passage, students and teachers participate, dressing up themselves or collaborating with

the scenery.

The mills

The mills

It is a concert in which

students and teachers

take part by singing or

playing an instrument.



In the magazine we publish among other things:

The photos of the trips we make and a short descriptions of them, students‘ projects

(such as stories, the best artistic projects...).

In this magazine we can find the photo of all teachers and students that are in Los Molinos during the year.




Spain is the 2nd

highest country in

Europe, and ca. 66%

of its borders are


As Catedrais, Galicia

Sierra Nevada, Granada

Picos de Europa,

Asturias, Cantabria y León.

Bolonia, Cádiz.




Alcázar de Segovia

In eachcorner of Spainit’spossibletoseemanyinterestingbuildings and a part of thehistorythroughthem.

La SagradaFamilia,


La Mezquita

de Córdoba

Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao

Catedral de León




It was originated in

Andalucía (Spain) in the

XVIII century. It is a mix of dancing,

singing and guitar music. Percussion

and accompaniment are also an

important part of flamenco.


Bullfights were

important in Spain, they

still take place in


Sanfermines in Pamplona is a festivity in which bulls run through streets, and in other cities and villages we can find similar traditional activities with bulls.


José Tomás



There are many traditional festivities like the processions in Semana Santa (specially in Sevilla), the human towers in “ElsCastellers” from Cataluña, the sculturs made to be burned in “Las Fallas” from Valencia, or the carnival e.g. in Tenerife.



Spanish omelet

It is a classic of the Spanish cuisine.

It is basically made up of potatoes

and eggs.


It is called paella because of name of the container where it

is make(paellera). It finds its origins in Valencia. It is made up

principally of boiled rice.

Nowadays there are a lot of ways to make it.

Jamón ibérico


Small delicious snacks

Pescaito frito (friedfish)



Typical clothes

The typical clothe of women is the “pollera”. It is a skirt decorated with trinkets and embroideries.


The celebration of the carnival it is one

of the most important costums of Ecuador.

Dancing, singing and typical food are part

of carnival.

During this festivity people throw water

and flour among them.

The “chola cuencana” is a women that dress with traditional clothes:

a blouse, a pollera, a shawl, a headdress, jewels and espadrilles.




It is stated as the national

dish. It is basically a stew

of pieces of bovine stomach, that

usually goes with rice.

The fifteen - year - old party

In this party the girl is considered to pass from a teenager to a adult women

The pink is the predominant colour in this type of party.

Sometimes before the party there is a mass, but it is usually of religious people.

How my high school is like




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