World war 2
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World War 2:. The American Home Front. WAAC est. - women allowed in army but not same rank, pay, benefit, jobs, nor could they may a career 6 million women took jobs in factories Multitude of types of jobs Engineers All types of machinery Journalism Proved themselves capable.

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World war 2

World War 2:

The American Home Front

Societal changes women

Societal Changes: Women

Societal changes minorities

  • Japanese Americans benefit, jobs, nor could they may a career

    • Internment, escape internment by volunteering for army, Nisei 442nd Regiment one of the most decorated combat units

  • Mexican Americans

    • Allowed to fight

    • racial violence in LA “Zoot-Suit”


Societal Changes: Minorities

Societal changes african americans

  • Allowed more than menial tasks, allowed in combat benefit, jobs, nor could they may a career still segregated

  • 330,000 left the South to find jobs in factories in Northcaused racial tensions in Urban cities, ie. Detroit

  • % of African Americans in skilled/semiskilled jobs rose from 6% t 30%

Societal Changes: African Americans

Societal changes march on washington

  • 1941 – 50% of defense employers would not hire African Americans

  • A. Philip Randolph, called for a massive demonstration in D. C. July 1 unless President opened up jobs for blacks.

  • 100,000 predicted to march, claimed marchers would sleep in white hotels and eat at white restaurants

  • Whites began to panic  FDR feared a race riot, met with Black leaders

  • FDR compromised, would not desegregate army but forbade discrimination in defense industries

  • Executive Order Number 8802 est. the Fair Employment Practices Committee, had the authority to investigate/ end discrimination in defense industries, federal agencies, and unions.

  • Randolph called off the march.

Societal Changes: March on Washington

Economic changes

  • Unemployment fell to below 1.2% Americans

  • Avg. weekly Paychecks rose 70% with price controls!

  • Farmers prospered

    • Production increased 50%

    • Farm income tripled = farmers paying off mortgages by wars end

Economic Changes:

Scientific changes

Scientific Changes:

Entertainment changes

  • Spending on books/entertainment doubled 1941-1945 Americans

  • 60 to 100 million (135 million citizens) went to movies EACH WEEK

  • War Oriented Propaganda movies turned later to Romances and Comedies

  • Magazines: Life, Look, and Time very popular

  • Radio broadcasts of News and Soap Operas

Entertainment Changes:

How did the role of government change in ww2

  • Answer the Americansbelow question in a Well Organized Long Paragraph “Mini Essay.” This should include a Thesis statement as your first sentence. In the rest of your paragraph “Mini Essay” you should then prove your thesis with analysis and plenty of support.

How did the Role of Government change in WW2?